Message of Unity from Vice President Chuck Browning gets standing ovation from delegates on the final day of Special Bargaining Convention


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On the final day of the Special Bargaining Convention, UAW Vice President Chuck Browning gave a passionate speech about our union’s united cause, after a long election process:

“I’m gonna address the damn elephant in the room. Because I’m a sucky politician, but I’m pretty good at telling the truth…

“The man who’s our UAW International President got sworn in less than 24 hours before this convention started. There are people out here extremely passionate on both sides. It’s no secret which caucus I’m from, who I supported. It’s not a secret. I was very vocal about it. It’s no secret where Shawn comes from, he’s very vocal about it.

“But the reality is, the UAW is way more important than Chuck Browning or Shawn Fain or anybody sitting out here. It’s way bigger than us.

“To our enemies, who are not in this room, to the rich and powerful that want to attack labor. To the employers that want to make profits at our expense and through the exploitation of workers, to those people, I send the message today, and I know this hall does, that this International Executive Board supports all of you and we’re going to work together to achieve our goals. And that you support this International Executive Board and support our President, Shawn Fain.

“Let the world hear we’re united when it comes to taking on our enemies and bargaining. So when they write the article, they see we stand as one. We are the UAW.”


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