Final Day of Special Bargaining Convention Concludes Strong with Solidarity


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The UAW concluded its Special Bargaining Convention today, with members taking up issues of work schedules, the contractual right to honor other unions’ picket lines, and more.

UAW Vice President Chuck Browning gave rousing remarks about the unity of the newly-elected International Executive Board. “There is only one agenda on this board,” Browning said.  “It is the membership’s agenda.”

He then issued a warning to corporate America: “To our enemies, who are not in this room; to the rich and powerful that want to attack labor; to the employers that want to make profits at our expense and through the exploitation of workers; let the world hear, we’re united when it comes to our enemies and our bargaining. We’re sticking together and taking on the boss.”

Browning’s comments were met with raucous cheers from delegates, and chants of “U-A-W!”

In his closing remarks, President Shawn Fain echoed the message of power through unity: “If we stand together, they will not break us. Our power is in our members. It’s not who’s up on this stage. It’s in you all.”

Proceedings ended with a standing ovation from delegates and our union’s anthem,“Solidarity Forever.”


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