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UAW-Ford Tentative Agreement FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on our subcommittee issues.

As we roll out the agreement to the membership, we will add additional Frequently Asked Questions on economics and other topics as needed.

Below, you’ll find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on our subcommittee issues.

As we roll out the agreement to the membership, we will add additional Frequently Asked Questions on economics and other topics as needed.

Tap / Click the questions below to expand and reveal the answer. If your question was not answered here, please ask them at the ratification meeting.

Income Security SUB (Supplemental Unemployment Benefit)

Sub eligibility after 3 Months of Service

All fulltime members will eligible for Sub pay after 3 calendar months of service.  This includes Legacy, In progression, new traditional and Temporary Fulltime members.  Note: TFTs are sub eligible for TLOs as defined in appendix K

Delayed Unemployment benefits no longer effecting SUB payments

Members will no longer have their SUB payments delayed while waiting for an outcome from their state. After each states reporting run. All members will be paid the their base sub amount.

Short Work Week eligibility

All members will be eligible for the Short Work Week benefit after 3 months from their service date.

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits funded for the length of the agreement

The Company will fund the SUB program  for the length of the agreement.

Short Work week paid out with no penalty for overtime worked or refused

Short work week benefit will pay out by day, with no loss of benefit from overtime worked or refused before or after the event.

Amount of SUB, TAP & Short Work Week benefits

SUB (Supplemental Unemployment Benefit) Pay

Is equal to 95% of an employees after tax pay.

SWW (Short Work Week Benefit)

Is 80% of the employees base hourly rate.

TAP ( Transision Assistance Plan) benefit

Is 50% of an employees gross hourly wages based on a 40 hour week

Parity in Income Security? SUB Pay

All fulltime members now have parity of benefits in the SUB plan. Will 3 months of contiguous service Legacy, New Traditional, & In progression members will now receive:  52 weeks of SUB pay, followed by 52 weeks of TAP benefit if placed on an indefinite layoff.


$1500 Voucher towards a vehicle purchase for all active members

Your negotiating team won a $1500 Voucher towards a new vehicle purchase for all active members. The Voucher program will be open for one year starting January 1, 2024, and end December 31, 2024. The purchase of the vehicle must be made within 12 months of the effective date of this voucher program or the employee’s date of hire, whichever is later.

When is the open window period for the Voucher Program?

The open window period will be January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024. Anyone hired after this period will be able to use their voucher for 12 months after their hire date.

Does the Voucher Program have to be used by the employee or can I give it to someone else?

The Voucher Program must be used by the employee.

What if I order a vehicle and it takes longer than 12 months to come in?

In this instance, the Voucher will still be honored, if the vehicle was ordered and did not arrive by the end of the voucher window (December 31, 2024).

Can the Voucher be used towards a lease?

No, it is for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Why is the window only open for 12 months?

This language is identical to the 2015 letter for In-Progression employees.

Converted Easter Holidays can now be rolled over for June eligible members

Under the new agreement, if a June eligible member works the Easter Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday) and converts them to Excused Absence Allowance (EAA) time, they will now be able to carry that time over into the next vacation eligibility period.

Can I roll the converted time over if I am December eligible?

  • No, the Easter Holidays can only be rolled over for June eligible employees.
  • Before this contract, the November holidays converted for December eligible people into their next vacation eligibility period (December 1), and Memorial Day converted for June eligible people into their next vacation eligibility period (June 1). The Easter Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday) are being added for the June eligible people. The short time between the converted holidays and the new vacation eligibility is the reason for allowing it to be carried into the next vacation eligibility period. The employees may not have enough time to use the EAA days before the eligibility period ends.

Rouge Powerhouse Memorial Cleaning and Upkeep Commitment

Recognizing the importance of the Rouge Powerhouse Memorial and its importance to the membership the National Negotiating team negotiated a commitment from the Company to clean and maintain the memorial befitting the legacy of those who lost their lives in the tragic event at the Rouge Powerhouse on February 1, 1999.

ESSP and Chaplaincy

What is Employee Support Services Program?

The Employee Support Services  (ESSP)  is a program that recognizes balancing the workplace with personal and family responsibilities presents challenges to employees. ESSP provides a broad range of resources to help employees deal with issues that occur in life. The plant ESSP representatives utilize the Central Diagnostic Agency to connect employees to the resources available to them.

What does it cost to utilize the Employee Support Services Program?

The Employee Support Services Program (ESSP) is a free joint program that is confidential and available to all Ford employees.

Does the employee support services program provide counseling for employees and their families?

The Employee Support Services Program (ESSP) does provide counseling for employees and their eligible family members.

Are temporary employees entitled to use the Employee Support Services Program (ESSP)?

All employees of Ford Motor Company are eligible to utilize the Employee Support Services Program.

What kind of resources does the ESSP Program provide for employees?

The ESSP Program provides services for:

  • Stress & Depression
  • Emotional Problems
  • Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Anxiety & Mental illness
  • Personal Loss
  • Children and Dependent Parents
  • Workplace Struggles

Who is eligible for Fitness Center Vouchers? How much is the voucher worth?

Employees who work at facilities that do not have a fitness center assigned to their plant.  The negotiators in 2023 negotiated $350.00 per year a gain from the $250.00 in the 2019 contract.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

What is the Apprentice Mentoring Program?

The apprenticeship mentoring program aims to provide an avenue for apprentices to seek advice, get candid feedback from peers who have completed the program, and better understand their required roles as skilled trades in their facilities. The National Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and the National Joint Apprenticeship Committee will work together to create a pilot mentoring program at designated facilities.

What is the Local Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Certification about?

The certification program aims to equip new and existing local diversity, equity, and inclusion committees with the same level of DEI knowledge.  The certification program and timing of training will be at the discretion of the National Joint DEI Committee. Committee members who underwent the Diversity and Inclusion in a Manufacturing Environment Certificate Program (designed and facilitated by Michigan State University) at the Joint Trust Center during the 2022 calendar year have already satisfied the certification requirement.

What is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Supplemental Traveling Trainer Pool?

The National DEI committee will create a supplemental training pool to cover New Employee Orientation, “Respectful Workplace Training, “and other agreed-upon training. In the past, there have been instances where Respectful Workplace Training could not be conducted due to the unavailability of trainers. Now, we can request trainers from other units to come and complete the training at a nearby facility if the local or national trainers are unavailable.

Why was the name changed from "Diversity and Inclusion" to "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?"

To conform to industry norms, we have decided to change the name of our diversity and inclusion committees. The terms equity and inclusion better reflect our objective of ensuring that all members of the UAW-Ford community can fully participate in our facilities. We recognize and appreciate diverse identities and viewpoints and intend to be more deliberate in acknowledging and celebrating these differences, ensuring that everyone feels embraced and valued.

Education Development and Training Program (EDTP)

What is ETAP?

The Education Tuition Assistance Program (ETAP) was contractually negotiated to provide up to $8,000 per calendar year for tuition assistance and fees for approved courses leading to a certificate/diploma, or degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, or PhD) from an approved regionally accredited school.

Who is eligible to use ETAP/ Tuition Assistance?

Full-time active and Temporary UAW hourly employees who have acquired 90 days of employment, are eligible to participate in the Tuition Assistance Plan.

What is PDA?

The Personal Development Assistance (PDA) program was contractually negotiated to provide up to $4,000/year (out of the $8,000) for job-related courses, including (but not limited to):

  • Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) classes
  • Labor Studies Courses and Conferences
  • Dale Carnegie (including online courses)
  • Sequoia Financial Education Programs

What is PDA-EEC?

Educational Enrichment Courses (EEC) provide up to $1,500/year (of the $8,000) for Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning or Professional Development courses (online included) at approved schools.

Are Temporary Employees eligible for PDA- EEC?

No.  Temporary employees are only eligible for ETAP and the PDA benefit.

What is the UAW-Ford Scholarship for Dependent Children (SDC)?

The Dependent Scholarship was contractually negotiated to provide up to a $1,600 per calendar year reimbursement for college tuition and fees including books for the employee’s dependent.

Are all schools/courses approved for Tuition Assistance?

No. Not all school/courses/fees are covered by tuition assistance.  It is strongly recommended that you submit your application in advance (and/or) coordinate with your EDTP/ESSP Representative to make sure your selected school or course(s) is approved.

When can I use my Tuition Assistance benefit?

ETAP applications can be submitted any time during the calendar year. Your allotted amount starts over every year during the length of the contract.

Are reimbursements available?

No. Tuition Assistance is a prepayment program. UAW-Ford pays the school directly for tuition.

Who do I contact with questions?

Are textbooks covered?

Yes. Up to $1,000.00/yr. may be used toward textbooks. Textbooks are submitted as a reimbursement.

How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?

Apply online at www.myuawford.com


Joint Scheduled and Unscheduled Visits

How will unscheduled visits help my plant?

Unscheduled Visits will help highlight strengths and weaknesses and assist in identifying areas where improvements are needed.

What will you look for upon entering the plant?

The National Quality Committee (NQC) will review company facilities and activities regarding NQC and Company processes and procedures which includes error proofing in bypass and improper Quality Leadership System (QLS) Buyoffs.

What happens if the NQC Finds a Problem?

The NQC Team will immediately address problems/violations in real time by identifying and enacting corrective actions where improvements are needed to protect the Quality Leadership System (QLS). The NQC will continue to encourage local Management and Union cooperation concerning Continuous Improvement in the Best in Quality Program.

What happens if the previous violations resurface after the Audit?

Contact your Quality Rep or the quality hotline.

Will you have a checklist or template to aid in correcting violations?


Supplier Relations Fortified

How will helping “At Risk Suppliers” help the Membership?

Defective parts effect everyone associated with the build process. The Operator, the build Facility, Ford Motor company and including our customers. Reducing or eliminating warranty claims is our Mission.

If a supplier is placed on probation how can the UAW help them?

The UAW Leadership can possibly help Suppliers by requesting periodic meetings as needed with Supplier Technical Assistance and the various operations to address our concerns and to obtain the supplier improvement processes.

If the supplier is placed on probation how can Ford Motor Company Help Suppliers?

Ford Motor Company can possibly help by using assessment tools including coaching documents to assess the effectiveness of supplier’s quality processes and procedures.

Reinforced the Chartering Process in the Quality Operating System (QOS)

What would be the next step in the escalation process if the VPs on Both sides do not agree?

In the event the process does not resolve the issue, please reference Appendix Q, Section II, Paragraph Four of the National agreement (grievance).

Where can I find the escalation process?

Currently on page 16 of the QOS Support Process titled ESCALATION.

Importance of Quality Training for UAW Members

Why is it important to receive Quality Training?

Quality training is an important tool for our members to do their job correctly. Said training will also help eliminate some of our quality issues, this training will ensure that all new and existing hourly Members understand how defects affect fit and function, warranty and things gone wrong. Just to name a few.

If I already had Quality Training, will I have to take it again?

Yes, if refresher courses and or updates are developed. Talk with your Process Coach, Team Leader or quality Rep for more information.

Protected the Number of existing QOSC’s

I am currently a QOSC, does the highlight above indicate that I can never be reduced?

No, this language eliminates local management from taking advantage of the reduction language. Local management must escalate a developed business case through the Additions/Reductions QOS support process. Said process now include the recently negotiated Ford Vice President, Labor Affairs and Vice President of North America Manufacturing to resolve with our Vice President and Director of the UAW National Ford Department, or designee. This recently negotiated language is the final step prior to referencing Appendix Q section II, Paragraph Four.

Health and Safety

Emergency Response Teams Equipment Improvement (Appendix S)

Why is emergency response team equipment important to me?

Our Emergency Response Teams are critical components to our members safety. They have saved countless lives within our facilities and need the best equipment to continue to do so.

Ergonomics Committees Properly Supported (Appendix S)

How does an Ergonomist on the Joint Committee support local ergonomic committees?

Having an Ergonomist on the NJCHS ensures that we can maintain our best-in-class Ergonomics program with subject matter experts as part of the joint committee.

ECPL Placarding Improvements (CI Letter, Volume IV)

Why should I care about ECPL placarding?

Every piece of equipment connected to an energy source within our facilities must have placarding identifying energy sources, minor maintenance tasks and other steps to safely maintain that equipment. As an operator or skilled tradesperson, it is your right to know the placarding information is accurate when interacting with equipment/machines.

Enhanced Dock Lighting Inspections (CI Letter, Volume IV)

How does adding dock lighting safety inspections help get my lights replaced when they go out?

This will create a better sense of urgency to repair or replace and ensure that docks are properly illuminated.

Chemical Safety Improvements (Appendix S)

My job requires me to use a chemical. How do I know if it’s safe to use?

You have a “right-to-know” the chemicals you may encounter while performing work. Chemical supplemental sheets will be updated and will be used as Chemical Safety Refresher training.

Trailer Inspection (CI Letter, Volume IV)

How does the new trailer inspection language increase protection for Hilo drivers?

Realizing the importance of trailer inspections for the safety of our members, we are going to benchmark industry leaders and create a better process for trailer inspections.

New PMHV Equipment for PS&L (CI Letter, Volume IV)

What is the company’s answer to address old PMHV equipment within PS&L?

Recognizing safety/ergonomic benefits in the latest PMHV technology, the negotiators secured $8,000,000 of additional funding for the purchase of new PMHV equipment. This is in addition to the annual budget for upgrades/repairs.

Isolated Worker Safety (Appendix S)

They have removed a person from my job, requiring me to work alone. How do I get help in the event of an emergency?

The safety of members performing work in isolated conditions was a concern of the negotiating team. It was agreed that the National Joint Committee on Health and Safety (NJCHS) will explore and pilot technologies to reduce isolation work exposure and improve the safe execution of isolated work across the facilities.

Safety Messaging (CI Letter, Volume IV)

What can we do to better expand safety messaging that matters to me as a worker?

Understanding the importance of standard messaging throughout all the facilities, it was agreed to explore multiple messaging process improvements that will enable locations to expand their safety messaging using gorilla marketing and technology.

AI Technology Research (CI Letter, Volume IV)

What are we doing about Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing and its affects on job safety?

Manufacturing landscapes are rapidly changing since artificial intelligence has begun to show up in processes. Protecting the health and safety of the membership is the priority. This language ensures that the union has a role in identifying any AI technologies that may affect our members’ safety.

Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training (CI Letter, Volume IV)

Who is eligible to receive CPR Training?

Once a roll-out plan had been developed, any worker that is interested will be given the opportunity to be certified in the American Red Cross “Friends and Family” CPR training.

Active Assailant (Appendix S)

We have warning sounds for different types of emergencies. How do I know when there is an active assailant is in the plant and what I need to do to be safe?

The negotiating team reviewed the capabilities of the fire/security notification system. The system serves to notify the workforce in a take cover or evacuate situation but does not include an active assailant notification. The company and union agree to research the upgrade of the notification system for an active assailant situa¬tion. The intent of this language is to upgrade all current panels to include a distinctive tone for active assailant emergencies.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Core Team (CI Letter, Volume IV)

How does the NJCHS having a position on the BEV team ensure we are properly handling batteries at my location, and not being put in a position to get injured?

This team is responsible for battery electric vehicle safety programs including ensuring the safety of our membership. The intent of this language ensures that the NJCHS has an active role on the BEV team, including training for targeted audiences throughout the process for safe handling.

PS&L Static Rack Inspection and Improvements (LOU Volume IV)

How does the new language help to reduce the potential of parts falling from a location, possibly causing an injuring or death?

We’ve experienced incidents within PS&L where pallets have been dislodged from their locations and fallen to the ground while parts are being put away. To reduce the potential of pedestrians being injured by falling stock, all extended pallet locations will have anti-push through technology installed.

Ergonomic Wood Flooring for PS&L: (LOU Volume IV)

Will my PS&L location receive new Ergo flooring?

All HVCs and Livonia PDC binning areas will receive new ergo flooring.

Research Funding (LOU Volume IV)

How does researching the items listed benefit me on my job?

Much like AI, Nano materials like epoxy resins and thermal decomposition products will be showing up more and more within our processes. This research allows us, in collaboration with other industry leaders, to continue to explore ways to protect our members from exposures to different chemicals.

Advanced Manufacturing / Product Intelligence

Highlight: Developed Advanced Manufacturing Governance Training Committee

Who is on this committee?

This will be a joint committee with subject matter experts from Advanced Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, Engineering, Learning and Development, Continuous Improvement, Health, and Safety.

What is this committee designed to do?

Discuss, Review, and assess new technology that’s planned to be introduced to our UAW-Ford facilities, identify if there is a need for training and then support development and implementation of identified training.

Highlight: Access to additional Advanced Manufacturing / Product Intelligence meetings and reviews

Why is this important to the membership?

It is critical that the UAW Advanced Manufacturing Committee is involved at the earliest stages of product development and planned manufacturing process. These meetings/reviews identify when new advanced technology may impact our workforce and the products we manufacture.

Highlight: Access to Battery Research Facilities and Emerging Battery Technology

What battery research facility?

The company currently has a battery research facility under construction in Romulus, Michigan called ION Park. This location is where advanced battery research will be on-going, with engineering on advances in battery manufacturing. This new language gives access to the UAW Advanced Manufacturing Committee for reviews of this advancing technology.

Highlight: Workstation of Tomorrow training cell to be added at the TTC

What is a Workstation of Tomorrow?

These manufacturing cells are inside a few of our current UAW-Ford locations and are planned to be incorporated into many of our UAW-Ford facilities as we begin the transition to manufacturing electric vehicles and its components. These workstations include many different advances in technology and seamlessly interact with the operators working within the cells.

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