Our eighty years of history tells us that when we come together, we can accomplish amazing things that we could never do alone.

UAW President Dennis Williams talks about the important role members play in our union

Building unity in purpose starts with a first step: communication. We become stronger and more effective when we listen, discuss, find out what we have in common and challenge one another to be part of the change we want.

The UAW.org Membership section features stories and resources to help activists and local unions build a stronger union. Many of the stories come directly from the voice of fellow UAW members; other pieces including reporting of out-of-the-box ideas being practiced by local unions to build membership participation.

The membership section of UAW.org is brought to you by PRO-Member and the UAW National Education Department. We operate off of a simple idea: that members – active and retired — are the best advocates of our union. PRO-Member is both a vehicle for sharing member stories and ideas, but also a means to improve communication throughout our union. From stories of innovative leadership to out-of-the-box ideas being tried in locals around the country, PRO-Member provides resources to help strengthen our union.

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