Welcome to the 37th Constitutional Convention in Detroit

I’ve been a UAW member for over 40 years, for 17 of those I’ve had the privilege to represent the membership on the International Executive Board. In those years what I’ve enjoyed most is the time I’ve spent talking with members. Those conversations, prepping for grievance hearings, in union halls, on picket lines, at CAP conferences and Labor Day parades laid the foundation of my understanding about what matters, what holds us together as UAW brothers and sisters and what drives us forward in our fight for social and economic justice — solidarity. We use the word daily, but we should remind ourselves of just how powerful solidarity is. Solidarity is unity among people with a common interest; mutual support within a group. We are unified in our fight for economic and social justice. That is our common interest and we take action in pursuit of that goal in organizing drives, at the bargaining table and in politics. Our power as the UAW is in staying focused on our common interest and supporting each other as we act to secure it. That’s solidarity. That’s the UAW.

It’s clear that we need to reinvigorate our commitment to solidarity for the fights ahead. I’ve seen the changes taking place in our country. The way politicians have abandoned the cause of working people to serve the needs of the wealthy donors that fund their campaigns. This means that when we fight the companies — we have always had to fight the companies — we do it in a more hostile environment. When the UAW was becoming the great union it is today, we lived with a more level playing field and unions were able to fight for a more equal distribution of income. We live in a different world today, one that more closely resembles the days before the Great Depression, but we still have a great union with a determination to fight for working people. Together we can win this fight!

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When the convention is in recess, check out all the great entertainment and attractions the city of Detroit has to offer. For events and information, go here.


The Cobo Hall Hospitality Booth will be open Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. and Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.