Statement from UAW President Dennis Williams on Non-Partisan CBO Study on 22 Million Americans Losing Health Coverage

On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office confirmed what has been rumored and feared about the Senate Republican health care bill written behind closed doors in Congress. The Republican’s bill is heartless and deadly. According to the Congress’ own nonpartisan CBO experts, the mean-spirited bill would force 22 million Americans to lose health care coverage completely

Ammo: Social Security Needs Fixing, but is Far From Insolvent

You’ve heard it from right-wing conservatives in Congress who ultimately want to dismantle Social Security, the federal retirement income program that 171 million Americans pay into all through their working lives. Their argument goes like this: “Social Security is in real trouble. Unless we drastically cut benefits and raise the retirement age, the program will

PRO Member: A Call to Action

Jessie Jesson, fourth from the left, and her brothers and sisters at Local 686 remember the dark days of the auto crisis and wondered whether they would still have jobs. The crisis made Jesson aware of the need for union involvement and making connections with fellow members. UAW Member Finds Purpose in Her Plant’s Darkest

Union Front: Yes, There’s an App for That

08It’s Never Been Easier to Find Union-Made Products We all live on our smartphones these days to check the weather, post to social media, send texts, play games and even order from our favorite restaurants. It is also a way we connect with family, friends, co-workers and now with our union. That was one of

Ammo: Tax Policy – The Middle Class Carries an Unfair Burden

“Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes The benefit of taxes are many: from highways and schools to biomedical research, protection of private property national defense and national parks. Unfortunately, right now the middle class is carrying a heavy burden while corporations and the wealthy are using their power

Standing Committee: Conservation and Recreation

Respecting our Planet and Having a Little Fun Along the Way On a Saturday in June, members of Local 2209 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will mount their own bikes, rent a surrey bike, or maybe even rent a seat on The Pedal Pub, which is a specially built contraption where riders can responsibly imbibe while

Ammo: A Right – and a Promise to the American People is at Risk

Medicare is the federal insurance program that provides health insurance for (mostly) senior citizens. Medicaid is the federal-state program that helps provide health care to low income children, long-term care and nursing home care for seniors and people with special needs, and Americans that cannot afford health care. The Affordable Care Act — also known


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