Daniel Vicente was elected UAW Region 9 Director in March 2023 in the first ever direct elections for the International Executive Board.

Vicente got his start in the UAW at Dometic, a marine manufacturer in Pennsylvania, with Local 644. He came to the job serving in the US Marine Corps. After completing his service, he found his transition back to civilian life somewhat difficult. Vicente would work primarily in the restaurant industry. He was employed as a short order cook, and would end up working seventy hours a week as a non-union dishwasher.

After a chemical exposure on the job, Vicente ran for local shop steward, and won. He went on to serve as Vice Chairman of his local’s bargaining committee, and Recording Secretary on his local executive board. Vicente has also served as a CAP delegate, as well as chairman of the education committee of Local 644.

He was a major proponent of direct elections for International Executive Board officers during the lead up to the historic referendum in 2021.

Vicente was born in Philadelphia, and currently lives in Chester County, PA with his wife Eman and their four children.