Steve Dawes was re-elected to a second term as UAW Region 1D Director in December of 2022 in the UAW’s first direct ballot election. His first term began on Feb. 13, 2020, at a special regional convention to fill the remaining term of former Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem, who was unanimously elected by the UAW International Board to the position of Vice President  on January 16, 2020.  

Dawes was appointed Region 1D Assistant Director in 2015 at the request of Kariem. Previously, he served as Assistant Director of Region 1C, which merged with Region 1D in 2014.  

He had served as Region 1D Assistant Director since June 16, 2010, when he was appointed to the position at the union’s 35th Constitutional Convention in Detroit by President Bob King.  

Dawes began his career in 1978 at the General Motors’ Flint Truck Assembly Plant as a spot welder, a job he worked until he was hired on as an apprentice toolmaker at AC Spark Plug in 1984. He was a dedicated member of UAW Local 651 and was elected as a Skilled Trades Committeeperson in 1989.  

He was re-elected as a Committeeperson and as a Trustee of the Local 651 Executive Board in 1993. His devotion to the union earned the respect of his coworkers. In 1996 he was elected as a Skilled Trades Committeeperson for the third time and was appointed to Chair of the local’s Trustees.  

As his love for the union grew, so did his supporters. In 1999, he was elected UAW Local 651 Vice President and as a Delegate to the UAW Constitutional Convention. Shortly into his term of Vice President, Dawes took over as UAW Local 651 President. He was re-elected as President in 2002.  

In 2004, he was appointed to the Region 1C International Staff by UAW President Emeritus Ron Gettelfinger, at the request of Region 1C Director Bob Roth. He was assigned as a Servicing Representative in the Flint and Lansing areas. Since then, he has played a major role in the development, construction and upkeep of the Sitdown Memorial located near Region 1D’s office in Flint.  

Dawes enjoys the outdoors. Dawes and his wife, Shane, have been blessed with four children, Lindsey, Zach, Tabatha and Taylor, as well as two little bundles of joy, Gavin and Rylee.