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Trenton, Michigan — The forklift operators and material handlers at Syncreon/DP World voted by a supermajority on Wednesday, March 13, to become the newest members of UAW Local 372 in UAW Region 1A. The 110 warehouse employees of DP World ship automotive parts all over the world out of the Trenton Engine North Plant in Trenton, Michigan.

“With a union, we will become a stronger workforce. We’ll have a stronger culture, better working conditions and workplace,” said Byron Cannon, a second shift forklift operator.

“Organizing a union helps us with being heard and making the best decisions for us,” said Jazmine Williams, a material handler. “We need better pay, more vacation days and mental health days. We all need to take a stand together as one and make everything count.”

“We would like to welcome our new brothers and sisters from Syncreon/DP World to the UAW and Local 372,” said UAW Local 372 President Dave Gerbi. “This was not an easy battle, but you prevailed and did not listen to management’s anti-union rhetoric. Your voice was heard when you voted YES FOR UNION, and now you will have a voice and seat at the table to negotiate a fair contract for all workers. Congratulations again, and we look forward to standing side by side with you!”

“This is a true testament of solidarity,” said Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson. “These members were part of an existing Stellantis plant that used to house 700 members who were laid off. The organizers of Region 1A and leadership of Local 372 started this campaign and didn’t stop until they prevailed. This is a great day for the Local and our Region. The members wanted a voice and they got it. I welcome all of our new members to Region 1A.”

These Syncreon/DP World workers are the latest workers in a growing movement of unorganized workers standing up to join the UAW for a better life.

As the first African American woman in the history of the UAW to be elected to the International Executive Board, I come before you with immense gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility.

My journey to this historic achievement has been guided by the wisdom and support of incredible mentors like Liz Jackson, Dottie Jones, and Eunice Stokes. Their unwavering belief in me and their commitment to lifting as they climbed have shaped my path and instilled in me the importance of paying it forward.

Today, as I reflect on my journey, I am humbled. Deeply humbled to be surrounded by incredible women who are making a difference in Michigan and across America. Together, we possess the power to lead and affect change in every sector we engage in. But let us never forget that our successes are built upon the foundation laid by those who came before us. It is our duty to honor their legacies by extending a hand to lift others as we continue to climb higher.

In recent years, we have seen a notable increase in women assuming leadership positions. In Michigan we elected women to the positions of Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. These women serve as shining examples of what can be achieved when barriers are broken, and progress is fostered.

However, our work is far from finished. We must persist in sharing information, encouraging one another, and empowering our fellow sisters. Women from all walks of life recognize that an uneven playing field will never yield equality or justice. It falls upon us to raise our voices and double down on our efforts to promote fairness in our institution as well as others that we belong to.

I urge each of you to engage with your local standing committees, participate in women’s organizations supported by this International Union, and become politically active. Remember, a woman’s place is in her union, advocating for the rights and well-being of all workers. I encourage to find your seat at the table.

Together, let us continue to drive progress, champion equality, and stand in solidarity with one another on the journey towards a more just and equitable future.

In solidarity,
Laura Dickerson
TOP Department Director,
Region 1A Director

The 100 workers at GNS North America in Canton, Michigan voted to join UAW Local 900, Region 1A on February 20th. These workers make hot stamping and conventional stamped parts for GM, Tesla, and Stellantis. This includes structural parts, roof enforcements, bumper components, B-pillars, and door beams.

“My coworkers, the VOCs, and I wanted to form and start a Union. We felt a change was much needed,” said Weld Operator, Gwendolyn Green. “I am very honored and excited to be a part of this group and most of all a part of the UAW once again.”

“Although the organizing process has been very rewarding; it was exhausting. Being under management’s microscope throughout the campaign and not knowing what new union busting tactics they would throw at us the next day,” said Laser Automation Technician, Roberto Garcia. “In spite of the company’s efforts to suppress our Union, we stood together in the face of adversity, supported each other, rallied others and ultimately, got the win! Looking forward to the much-needed change and a brighter future for all of us at GNS.”

Weld Automation Technician, Brian Herbst said, “Forming a union now gives us workers a voice that will be heard.”

“We welcome the GNS workers to the UAW and Local 900,” said UAW Local 900 President Dwayne Walker. “UAW Local 900 has a long tradition of standing with workers and the community to make people’s lives better. Congratulations on this hard-fought win!”

Region 1A Director, Laura Dickerson said, “We’re very excited to have the members of GNS as part of Local 900 and Region 1A. Workers are exercising their rights and making sure their voices are heard.”

Howell, MI — On January 30, nearly 400 workers at Antolin Interiors USA in Howell, Michigan, voted overwhelmingly to join UAW Local 163, Region 1A. The workers, who make instrument panels and door panels for Ford, GM, Stellantis, and PACCAR, launched their organizing drive last October after years of disrespect and unacceptable working conditions.  

 Antolin workers voted to join the UAW “to stand united and have a voice against management as a whole,” said Jarrod Yost, a shipping and receiving worker at Antolin. “To be on common ground, to work together rather than against each other, and to gain more respect.” 

“Our organizing efforts at Antolin Howell have been successful. Our members chose to organize after many losses to the company,” said James Matheny, a Materials worker. “We lose eight hours per week of our weekly total if we have a day off or even a holiday. Favoritism is rampant and policy is manipulated. We are now Union Brothers & Sisters. We can fight for a fair contract and work with the company, so we all succeed!” 

“We’ve been dancing with the devil for way too long,” said Lanita Wilson, a production worker at Antolin Interiors. “UAW, we needed you now and now we have you! A contract in place will help us have a piece of mind that they can’t just change the rules at their whim.” 

“Workers at Antolin in Howell, Michigan expressed a desire for change in their workplace,” said UAW Local 163 President Al Byrd. “They called on UAW Local 163 for assistance. With Local 163’s help and Antolin’s hard work, Antolin won an election to get that change. UAW Local 163 is proud to welcome workers of Antolin Howell as new UAW members with recognition from the NLRB.” 

“Region 1A is proud to welcome the workers of Antolin to the UAW,” said UAW Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson. “I am so proud of them for choosing to ‘Stand Up’ against the company and join our union.” 

The victory at Antolin Interiors is the latest organizing success story for the UAW, as workers across the country continue to take on the boss and win union recognition and dignity at their workplaces.  

LUCA Helps Us Stay in the Know

Danita Brantley accepts a LUCA Award
Local 900’s Danita Brantley, with her son, Kyle, also of Local 900, was honored for inspiring and mentoring other union
Photo by Don Lehman, Local 249

When local UAW members want to know what’s happening in their local and what the issues are that bring them together — like who the best candidate for workers is in the upcoming election — there’s no one they trust more than their union local. The UAW members who make that communication happen work tirelessly, usually on their own time, to bring it to their union sisters and brothers. Using all the platforms available to them such as social media, photography, video, publications, websites, email, texting and more, the UAW-Local Union Communications Association (LUCA) on Aug. 25 honored those hardworking communicators for a job well done over the past year.

The UAW-LUCA communicators were recognized at their regular conference at the UAW Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center (Black Lake) in Onaway, Michigan, with awards for winners of LUCA’s Excellence in Communications Contests.

Winning the Alfred E. “Pops” Nudi Spirit Award contest in the Unsung Hero category, for inspiring and mentoring other union members for several years, was Local 900’s Danita Brantley. Brantley has been involved with her local for 19 years, is the local’s newsletter editor and was nominated for actions over the years that demonstrate “hope and solidarity for the future.” Local 685 Mike Rankert was this year’s Pops Nudi Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, having been involved in several leadership positions at his local, including editor and website administrator, for decades. He’s also a longtime LUCA member, taking his first trip to Black Lake in 1972.

Other first place contest winners Aug. 25 included Local 249 for Best Essay or Issue Article and Best Union Involvement Story in the Writing contest, and for General Excellence for a Publication Designed by the Local in the Publications contest. Local 412 was the winner of the Publication contest’s General Excellence for a Publication Designed by a Vendor. Local 933 took first place for Best Front Page Designed by a Local, and Local 598 took the top place for Best Front Page Designed by a Vendor, also in the Publications contest.

In the Website contest, the Best SolidWeb website award was given to Local 578, and Local 1981 received top honors for the Best non-SolidWeb website category. Local 602 took first place for Best Social Media in the Social Media contest, and Region 1A Retiree News was the winner of the Photography contest’s Best Photo category. Local 685’s Retiree Chapter came in first in the Video contest’s Best Video category.

There were many other award winners that night at Black Lake, but all the LUCA communicators there were winners in the UAW’s book. Congratulations to all!

Joan Silvi