Emergency Response

Industrial Emergency Response data: This section contains information on spills, transport of hazardous waste and risk management plans for chemical stored on site.


The Emergency Response Notification system tracks toxic chemical spills.


U.S. EPA Office of Emergency Management: Companies are required to report chemical spills promptly. If a significant spill occurs at a facility the EPA may require a more thorough investigation and report.

EPA publishes reports on major catastrophes [https://www2.epa.gov/emergency-response#arip]

EPA maintains a list of settlements agreements to clean up waste sites[https://cfpub.epa.gov/enforcement/cases/index.cfm]

Risk Management Plans: Facilities using certain chemicals must report risk management plans (RMPs) to prevent and respond to chemical accidents in the United States. Each facility's Plan must include:

  • A worst-case chemical release and more-likely "alternative release" scenario,

  • Information about chemical accidents that have occurred in the last five years,

  • An accident prevention program,

  • An emergency response plan,

  • Identifying information about the facility, including its location, address and contact information, and

  • An Executive Summary that summarizes the Plan and allows the company reporting the data to characterize the information in the RMP.

EPA site for RMP information [https://www2.epa.gov/rmp/forms/contact-us-about-risk-management-plan-rule]

Right to Know Network has a historical database of companies filing RMPs.[https://www.rtknet.org/db/rmp]

TOXMAP:[ https://toxmap.nlm.nih.gov/toxmap/]

Environmental Health Maps provides searchable, interactive maps of EPA TRI and Superfund data, plus US Census and NCI health data.

Chemical Safety Board: The CSB has a team of experts who investigate chemical accidents and issue reports. This site contains reports from specific investigations as well as policy recommendations.[ https://www.csb.gov/]

CSB has a list of DVDs available documenting industrial disasters. [https://www.csb.gov/videos/safety-video-titles-and-descriptions]