Applications For Smart Phones

The App allows workers to calculate the heat index for their workplace and based on the index displays a risk level for outdoor work. Available in Spanish.

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Android []

This web tool hosted by allows the user to determine safe design and pre-planning for lanyards and self-retracting lanyards (SLRs).

NIOSH researchers conducted a study of 130 apps used to turn smart phones into noise level meters in the workplace. Of the 130 only 10 met with NIOSH approval. “Smartphone apps were selected based on occupational relevancy criteria: (1) Ability to report unweighted (C/Z/flat) or A-weighted sound levels, (2) 3-dB or 5-dB exchange rate, (3) slow or fast response, and (4) equivalent continuous average sound level (Leq) or time-weighted average (TWA).” See link to paper []

Two best apps were:

  • SoundMeter by faber acoustical [ ]
  • SPLnFFT by Fabien-lefebre
  • Office Ergo App []

This App recently won the Worker Safety And Health App challenge sponsored by OSHA. Learn how to setup your desk, chair, monitor, mouse, and keyboard for enhanced comfort and productivity. Detailed setup information is supported by OSHA .

  • NIOSH Pocket Guide

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Chemical Hazards Pocket Guide provides a concise source of general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals []

  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

This app is based on the Department of Transportation manual used in the initial stage of an accident to identify chemicals and quickly evaluate the hazards posed to first responders and the community. []

  • Three Dimensional Static Strength Prediction Model

The 3D Static Strength Prediction Program™ predicts static strength requirements for tasks such as lifts, pushes, and pulls. The program employs a task simulation that includes body posture, hand forces and male/female anthropometry (size). Output includes the percentage of men and women who have enough shoulder and low back strength to perform the task, spinal compression forces, and data comparisons to NIOSH guidelines. Analysis is aided by an automatic posture generation feature and three dimensional human graphic illustrations

UV Index:If you or your coworkers work outside this app may help guide personal protective selection to protect against UV rays: []

Ladder Safety: This app uses visual and audio signals to make it easier for workers using extension ladders to check the angle the ladder is positioned at, as well as access useful tips for using extension ladders safely. The app is available for free download for iphone and android devices []