Mission and Structure

Under the International Union, UAW Constitution, our union is required to provide a strong and relevant member education program. Member education is so important to the UAW that a portion of every member’s dues dollar is allocated to education to grow member knowledge, understanding and strength.

The UAW Constitution also requires that we focus on “education in labor history, labor programs, the objective of the International Union and the problems of the International Union, its members and their families.”

Every local union is required to have a standing education committee devoted to “all branches of education affecting the welfare of the individual members, the Local Union, the International Union, and the labor movement.”

Your national education program is designed and delivered by the UAW Education Department. Because our education program’s mission is to build member and organizational power, we train UAW local union education committees and local union discussion leaders to deliver member education through a strong, member-driven process.

Members are essential to having a relevant educational program and we hope you have a chance to attend UAW local union, regional, and national educational offerings to access new information and share your life experiences in a rewarding learning environment.