Departments Under the International Secretary-Treasurer


This UAW department is responsible for the accounting of all the cash receipts and disbursements of funds of the International Union. It deals with preparation of statements and reports, payroll, and employee benefits.


The Auditing Department advises and assists local union financial officers in proper bookkeeping procedures, informs them of changes in the law, and conducts audits and procedural surveys. The department also assists the International Trustees in carrying out their semi-annual audit of the International Union’s finances and maintains records on all UAW locals, past and present.


This UAW department processes the names and addresses of new members as well as thousands of address changes each month. It maintains an up-to-date mailing list for Solidarity, the UAW membership magazine, as well as current mailing lists of International officers, regional directors, local union officials, and staff.

Purchasing and Supply

This UAW department reviews bids from outside vendors and contractors, fills orders for office supplies and publications, and purchases and distributes office equipment and supplies. In addition, the department is responsible for the maintenance, repairs, and alterations of UAW properties.

Strike Assistance

The UAW Strike Assistance Department makes sure that members on strike receive strike benefits in a timely way. The department works closely with local unions to establish relationships with government agencies and private social services that can help UAW members and their families during strikes. The department also helps put together strike information classes at the local union level.