PRO-Member: An Emotional Election

UAW members from Flint, Michigan, also reminded voters that the election was not just about the presidency, but that there were plenty of local issues to be considered. Retiree Reminds Us of What UAW Members are About My name is Wayne Bieger. I’m a proud UAW retiree. In 2007, after 34 years of work, I

Statement by UAW President Dennis Williams

Download a copy of the statement here Statement by Dennis Williams, President UAW I was asked by a graduate student at Harvard to elaborate on my comments from my recent press conference in which I stated that the UAW would work with the Administration to end trade deals that have destroyed lives and have destroyed

Don’t Stop! Drop and vote

We all know there’s a presidential race going on. Many of us know congressional races are happening. But all too often voters stop and drop off from voting down-ballot. Yet many of these down-ballot races impact your life every day. The down-ballot choices you make for offices like the state legislature, city council, county commission,


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