Newly Elected UAW International Executive Board Members


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Newly elected UAW International Executive Board members were sworn in today and the following assignments were announced:

President’s Office – Ray Curry

President’s Office:  Black Lake, Civil and Human Rights, International Affairs, Legislative, National CAP, Michigan CAP, Retired Workers, Public Relations/Strategic Campaigns, Research, Legal, Social Security, Education, Health and Safety, Veterans, Arbitration and Sourcing, Heavy Truck, Aerospace, General Dynamics, Skilled Trades and Women’s. The President also has oversight over administrative departments such as Human Resources, Information Technology Systems, Travel, Compliance, Appeals, Bylaws, Policy, Administrative Letters and Security.

EV/Transnational Bargaining

Organizing (IPS, EV, Transnational, Assembly, Higher Ed and EV-Joint Ventures)

Secretary-Treasurer – Margaret Mock

Secretary-Treasurer’s Office:  Accounting, Purchasing, Auditing, Strike Assistance, Benefits/Pensions, Investments, Union Building Corp, Facilities, Auto/Labor Leader Insurance, and Internal Audit.

Technical Office Professionals (TOP)

Vice President – Rich Boyer

Independent Parts Supplier (IPS)

Vice President – Mike Booth

General Motors
Gaming, Gaming Organizing

Vice President – Chuck Browning

Agricultural Implement

Run-off elections for three IEB members (president, vice president and region 9 director) will be conducted next year.  Ballots will start to be mailed out January 12th, 2023.


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