This Union Cause: An Illustrated History of Labor Unions in America

This Union Cause tells the gritty and inspiring  story of determined working men, women and children who fought for the labor and civil rights that we have today. Beginning with the labor struggles from America’s earliest days, the booklet includes the game-changing passage of the National Labor Relations Act which gave working men and women the legal right to organize into unions of their choice and require their employer to bargain a binding contract over their wages, hours and other employment terms and conditions.

Click here to read the inspiring short stories of how working people won social and economic change – wins that are  under attack by those who want to destroy the labor rights of working Americans and return us to the times referenced so unforgettably in this booklet.

Click here to watch the 23-minute video of the same name that was produced decades ago by the Labor Film Committee comprised of the UAW, various other unions, and the AFL-CIO. As you watch, ask yourself:

1. Have the gains made by working people since labor law’s 1935 passage already been eroded?
2. How can working people protect the employee organizing and bargaining rights necessary for American social and economic justice?