Sheboygan, WI – 1,500 members of UAW Local 833 have ratified a new five-year agreement with the Kohler Company that will increase wages and improve benefits. Local 833 members work in production and skilled trades positions at the company’s Village of Kohler and Town of Mosel manufacturing facilities in Kohler, WI.

“The new contract addressed the key issues that are important to our membership,” local President, Tim Tayloe, said. “The wage increases, and retirement benefits will help Kohler hire and retain the best workers in the region. I’m glad we were able to reach a new agreement that will help everyone succeed over the long term.”

“With the membership solidly behind the UAW Local 833 Bargaining Committee, they were again able to hammer out an agreement that respects the dignity of their work,” said Region 4 Director, Brandon Campbell. “Will strike, if provoked” isn’t just a t-shirt saying for members of Local 833. In 2015, their solidarity and decision to strike for better wages, benefits, and working conditions put the employer on notice for years to come. Respect our existence or expect our resistance! The American economy would be better served if more American workers had a meaningful and legally binding voice in their workplace. Congratulations on a job well done.”

Two big Kansas City winners were honored at the White House on Monday.  

Along with the Super Bowl LVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs, President Joe Biden welcomed brand-new UAW member Hafsa Sheikh-Hussein. She was there representing over 400 workers at the Yanfeng plant outside Kansas City in Riverside, MO., who voted to join UAW Local 710 last month. 

Yanfeng workers organized to put an end to low pay, lack of seniority rights, understaffed shifts, and little to no work-life balance at the facility. 

“Winning our union was a big deal and getting to celebrate it with the Super Bowl champions made it even more special,” said Sheikh-Hussein, who works as a quality technician at Yanfeng in Riverside. “Just like the Chiefs’ victory lifted up Kansas City, the improvements we win in a first contract are going to make life better for our whole community.” 

Biden honored the Chiefs in a ceremony on the White House lawn and invited both Sheikh-Hussein and UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell.  

“During the ceremony, the Chiefs talked about the adversity they faced during the season,” said Director Campbell. “How it was unity that allowed them to rise above it—unity and teamwork. That’s so true in our world too. The Yanfeng workers won big because they were united.” 

After the event, both Campbell and Sheik-Hussein met briefly with the President. “I was shaking his hand,” Sheikh-Hussein said, “and when I told him I was UAW, his face lit up and his handshake got even stronger.” 

 “I’ve been with the UAW my whole life,” the President responded. “[The UAW was] the first union to endorse me when I was a 29-year-old kid running for the Senate.”  

“Hafsa and Yanfeng workers won big, and it’s great that President Biden honored their victory. But we could have some big losses in the Midwest if our elected officials don’t fight for strong EV job protections and also to keep good jobs at Master Lock in Milwaukee, Oshkosh Truck and Stellantis in Belvidere,” Director Campbell said, referring to three UAW worksites currently under threat of major job loss.  

With the victory at Yanfeng in Riverside, UAW members have now organized six Yanfeng plants in North America. Over 1,000 UAW members work at the supplier in Highland Park, Romulus, and Monroe, Michigan, Mississauga, Ontario, McCalla, Alabama, and at Riverside. The Riverside plant produces parts for the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, represented by UAW Local 31. 

UAW family,

This past month has been a very busy one for our union, and I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on. This week, I spoke directly to the membership about our progress, and our major fights ahead. If you missed it, check it out here.

The Electric Vehicle transition remains a core issue for our union. Right now, we have UAW members in Lordstown, Ohio, making batteries for a GM “joint venture” called Ultium, earning just $16.50 an hour. EVs aren’t just coming – they’re here. And we support a clean auto industry. But we need to make sure the EV transition is a “just transition.” That means it’s not a race to the bottom. That means not allowing these companies to circumvent our contracts to pay low-road wages like they’re doing at Ultium.

Outside of the Big Three, the UAW continues to fight and win:

Your elected leadership on the International Executive Board are united and hard at work implementing the changes we believe are needed to transform our union back into a fighting organization. But it’s going to take all of us to get back in the fight. Send this message along to a UAW member in your life and ask them to sign up for Member Updates at, and follow UAW on social media. We’re just getting started.

In solidarity,

UAW President Shawn

Hundreds of workers at the Yanfeng USA Riverside Facility outside Kansas City, Missouri have voted to join UAW Local 710 with 310 yes votes to 26 no. This is the sixth UAW-organized Yanfeng facility, joining over 1,000 members at the supplier in Highland Park, Romulus, and Monroe, Michigan, Mississauga, Ontario, and McCalla, Alabama. The Riverside location produces parts for the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, represented by UAW Local 31.

Yanfeng workers organized to put an end to low pay, lack of seniority rights, understaffed shifts, and little to no work-life balance. Workers of color have faced discrimination from management in job placement and rights at work.

“This struggle was about fair treatment for every worker and holding management accountable,” said Sharon Gilliam, a Yanfeng worker who helped spearhead the organizing drive. “We want every worker to be educated and informed of their rights and empower them on the shop floor, and this is the first step.”

“This is a big win for the newest members of Local 710,” said President Jeff Schweedler. “They’ve suffered for years, being beat down by management for one reason or another; because of the different dialects they speak, to what they look like. It’s time for them to have a voice at the table and a voice in the workplace. It’s great for them to finally have the opportunity to negotiate a contract.”

“Workers, union and non-union alike, are fed up with corporate profits and executive compensation going up, while their purchasing power and quality of life go down,” said UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell. “The newest members of the UAW at Yanfeng have just taken a huge step towards justice for themselves, their families and their community. Region 4 and the entire UAW stand in solidarity with you to achieve your first union contract. Welcome to the UAW!”

“The Yanfeng workers, our UAW organizers, and Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell have notched a huge win for working people,” said UAW Vice President Rich Boyer, who oversees the Independents, Parts, and Suppliers division of the UAW. “We look forward to winning a good, equitable agreement at Yanfeng.”

After 65 days on the picket line, workers at Metal-Matic in Bedford Park, Illinois have ratified their first union contract, winning equal pay for equal work, and an end to major pay disparities.

The 140 workers who make steel tubing for major automakers and suppliers joined UAW Local 588 in June of 2021, and have been fighting for a first contract for nearly two years.

“These UAW members held a 24/7 picket line for two months through torrential rain, hurricane-force winds, and bitter cold,” said UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell. “They showed us all the power of solidarity.”

“If you’re doing my job, we should make the same pay,” said Robert Stirn, a member of UAW Local 588. “It was a tough fight, but we have to stand up for what’s right. I’m proud to be part of this union.”

Last December, Stellantis NV announced its decision to idle the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois on February 28, 2023, by refusing to put a new product into the award-winning plant.

“UAW Local 1268 members at Belvidere have proudly built vehicles for Chrysler, then FCA and now Stellantis since 1965. They have delivered quality and productivity for the corporation for generations,” says UAW President Ray Curry. “Stellantis’ ill-advised decision will have negative repercussions throughout the region and supplier network.  It will disrupt lives, uproot families, and leave communities struggling to find economic drivers to pay for schools, roads and other services.”

“It is notable that while Stellantis abandons this community after being part of it for almost sixty years, the corporation has benefitted from numerous and generous subsidies, federal loans, grants and tax abatements – all paid for by U.S. taxpayers,” adds UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell. “The cruelty of its decision was heightened last week when the company disclosed that CEO Carlos Tavares received a staggering compensation package of $24.8 million for 2022, despite the company’s shareholders questioning the excessive compensation given to Tavares in 2021.  All of this done by a global company which looks to the U.S. market for 48% of its revenue.”

Stellantis’ decision to idle the Belvidere Assembly Plant will not stand.

“We have immediately addressed the concerns of the 2300 affected employees by negotiating with the company on retirement packages, voluntary termination, as well as pre-retirement leaves to allow employees to grow into their retirement.  We are also working with interested members on the relocation process,” notes UAW Vice President and Director of the National Stellantis Department Rich Boyer.  “While the power of collective bargaining softens the blow for UAW Local 1268 members who work for Stellantis, we know that the options are much more limited for the supplier network which includes UAW members as well as the community at large. This economic dislocation is a choice made by Stellantis to reap even higher profits. We will highlight their corporate greed to workers, community, taxpayers, and consumers.”

The UAW will continue to demand that Stellantis put a product in the Belvidere Assembly Plant. This pattern of starving facilities of a product creates uncertainty for UAW members and raises questions about Stellantis’ commitment to the U.S.

UAW workers deserve better.  U.S. taxpayers who subsidize Stellantis deserve better. And U.S. consumers deserve better.

UAW members at Locals 180 and 807 who work for CNHI have ratified a new contract, ending a strike that began on May 2, 2022. The agreement, which was voted on as an improved last, best, and final offer, provides wage increases, shift premium increases, classification upgrades as well as other improvements.

“UAW members at Locals 180 and 807 did the hard work to strengthen the hand of negotiators,” says UAW President Ray Curry.  “This agreement reflects the effort of a determined bargaining team and members being on an almost nine-month strike.”

Vice President Chuck Browning, Director of the Agricultural Implement Department adds:  “Our negotiators tenaciously bargained to the very end, even fighting for contract improvements in the face of threats from CNHI to hire permanent strike replacements. Combined with the incredible support from our members, it’s remarkable what had to be endured to achieve this contract.”

“We sincerely thank the membership and their families of locals 180 and 807, surrounding communities and all local unions who dedicated support during this struggle,” states UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell.  “That continued support helped the bargaining team persist, even in the face of the employer’s threats.”