UAW Members Begin 100-Day Countdown


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In 100 days, contracts expire for 150,000 autoworkers at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. UAW members are gearing up to win big for working class communities across the country.

This contract fight will be the UAW’s defining moment as the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles. We’re setting a new standard, and members are united in the fight for our core demands:

  • Ending wage and benefit tiers that divide workers
  • Bringing back cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA)
  • Job security when companies are making record profits
  • Building a sustainable future for workers who build electric vehicles

The Big Three have made a quarter of a trillion dollars in North American profits in the past 10 years, while autoworkers still endure Great Recession-era wages and benefits. UAW autoworkers saved the auto industry 15 years ago and were never made whole.

It’s time for the Big Three to make it right.

We need your help to make sure they do.

Can we count on you?

WATCH: UAW members are back in the fight!

CNBC: UAW Union Outlines Demands Ahead of Critical Negotiations with Detroit Automakers

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