UAW Bargaining With Ford Kicks off With First-Ever “Members’ Handshake”


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Our UAW-Ford National Negotiators officially opened bargaining with the company on Friday, July 14. But the tone for these negotiations was set that Wednesday when our bargaining team and the union’s top officers headed to the Michigan Assembly Plant to meet directly with rank-and-file members.

We did not hold a public handshake ceremony with the company this year. Instead, UAW President Shawn Fain, Vice President and UAW-Ford Department Director Chuck Browning, and Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson shook hands with members during shift change at the plant.

We have big demands in this year’s negotiations and we’re mobilizing members to win them. We’re holding contract action workshops at Locals across the country so we’re ready when our contract expires on Sept. 14. Sign up here to get these bargaining updates and to find out how to take action for a strong contract.


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