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This week, UAW International Affairs Director Kristyne Peter joined the IF Metall picket line at Tesla in Stockholm. Tesla, run by CEO and budding Bond villain Elon Musk, is refusing to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the mechanics at its Swedish repair shops.

The mechanics have been on strike against Tesla since October 27 and union representatives from around the world traveled to Sweden this week to support them. On Tuesday, the UAW’s Peter shared this message with the Swedish strikers:

I bring solidarity, and support, from the one million members and retirees of the United Auto Workers.

You inspire all of us with your fight against corporate greed and the billionaire class. The billionaire class that wants to tear down the social democracy that Swedish workers have built.

You are holding the line against Elon Musk – the billionaire who represents everything that is wrong with the global economy. He busts union. He hoards wealth. And more and more, he sides with the reactionary forces that want to end democracy around the world.

Together, we will stop him.

Your fight here at Tesla shows that solidarity is stronger than the world’s richest man.

And last year, in our Stand Up Strike against America’s automakers, UAW members showed solidarity is stronger than any company.

When workers stand up together, we win our fair share of the wealth we create. And by standing together here today, we will win this fight against Elon Musk and Tesla.