UAW-LUCA (Local Union Communication Association)

Founded in 1978, UAW-LUCA helps UAW local unions produce top-quality, effective communications. UAW-LUCA provides information, training and communications materials for the union’s locals across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, through a members-only cloud sharing, called the LUCA Cloud where materials can be downloaded and posted. Member locals can also get free training and assistance in setting up a free website through the UAW’s SolidWeb program.

Through LUCA, members can share information about issues and events, exchange communication ideas and tips, and learn from their peers. UAW-LUCA also conducts regular conferences for local communicators and holds an annual Excellence in Communications contest for newsletters, websites, video and social media to recognize quality work of local union communicators.

LUCA membership is free to all UAW local unions. Register your local for LUCA membership here.

Jan/Feb/Mar 2022 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

In this issue: CAP: Creating a Path Forward​ Lana Scott – “The Voice”​ Women’s History Month And more!  

Fighting for App-Based Worker Rights

The fight to ensure that app-based workers (“gig workers”) at internet-based companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, etc. are considered employees, and not independent workers, is vitally important to the changing needs of today’s workforce, and one that UAW Region 9A has been proud to take part of in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. With

Workers at Cultural Institutions – Breaking New Ground

 UAW Local 2110 based in New York City is breaking new ground organizing workers at cultural institutions across the Region. Like all workers, we are fighting for fair wages, benefits, work and life balance and respect at work. To date, workers at these Institutions have voted overwhelmingly to join our union.  The New Museum of

Manufacturing Round Table

In 2018, Director Brakeman established a Manufacturing Round Table allowing the opportunity for local presidents and their appointees to share ideal for taking on manufacturing challenges throughout the region. Recent US supply chain disruptions have taught us of the critical need to expand our manufacturing base by reducing our dependence on foreign suppliers. The shared

‘The Wall That Heals’

On July 20, 2021 “The Wall That Heals” was escorted to Veterans Park in Tonawanda, New York. An estimated 250 to 300 motorcyclists from very diverse backgrounds participated in the escort. It was an emotional day for many who participated as the escort slowly made its way from Niagara Community College in Sanborn, New York

‘An Easy Choice’

University of California Student Researchers Choose UAW On Aug. 3, Student Researchers at the University of California received exciting news: The state Public Employment Relations Board verified that a majority of the 17,000 SRs who work at UC signed authorization cards and chose Student Researchers United-UAW to be their union. This news came after a

Reopening of Greathouse Center Discussed

Leaders Asked for Input on a Variety of Issues On June 8, 2021, Region 4 Director Ron McInroy held a special meeting of local union presidents and chairs at the Pat Greathouse Education Center in Ottawa, Illinois. All locals were invited and close to 100 delegates attended from 37 different locals. Each attendee was given

Local 5 Steeped in UAW History

HUMVEE Builders Show Their Pride During Open House On Saturday July 17, 2021, AM General and UAW Local 5 concluded a weeklong series of events to celebrate AM General’s 50th Anniversary as a corporation building various military and commercial vehicles. That day, AM General and UAW Local 5 held an open house at the AM

Remember How and Why the Union was Formed and Built

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Region 1D: I hope this writing finds you well. 2021, so far, has been as challenging as 2020 with the majority of meetings and UAW conferences cancelled or suspended. Many businesses and companies are reinstating mask mandates as the Delta variant is now in 50 Michigan counties. I am not

From the director: We Have A Lot of Work to Do

Over the past year, we have been met with many challenges. The main challenge has been COVID-19. Many lives have and continue to be lost to this horrible virus, which has collectively caused all of us to review safety measures to protect our own health and that of our families and friends. There was a