UAW-LUCA (Local Union Communication Association)

Founded in 1978, UAW-LUCA helps UAW local unions produce top-quality, effective communications. UAW-LUCA provides information, training and communications materials for the union’s locals across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, through a members-only cloud sharing, called the LUCA Cloud where materials can be downloaded and posted. Member locals can also get free training and assistance in setting up a free website through the UAW’s SolidWeb program.

Through LUCA, members can share information about issues and events, exchange communication ideas and tips, and learn from their peers. UAW-LUCA also conducts regular conferences for local communicators and holds an annual Excellence in Communications contest for newsletters, websites, video and social media to recognize quality work of local union communicators.

LUCA membership is free to all UAW local unions. Register your local for LUCA membership here:

LUCA Posts and Solidarity Magazine Articles

Blue Cross Blue Shield Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify New Contract

After an 11-week strike, 1,360 UAW members have voted by nearly 90% to ratify a new 3.7 year contract at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network. The agreement will run to May 1, 2027. The deal secures historic gains for workers including a major reduction of seniority needed to reach the

Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Launch Public Campaign to Join UAW with Over 1,000 Workers Signed Up

Over 1,000 workers have signed union authorization cards in less than a week and gone public with their union drive at Volkswagen’s only U.S. plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. The move is a surprise breakthrough in the UAW’s national campaign to organize all non-union autoworkers at 13 companies. Over 30% of VW workers in Chattanooga have

From the UAW Archives: Union Power Board Game From 1971

In a new video, Gavin Strassel, UAW Archivist at the Walter P. Reuther Library, shares the story behind Union Power, a board game created by the UAW in 1971. “On different spots (on the gameboard) players might have to draw bonus cards, which would allow them to move ahead with things like ‘raises from COLA,’

Postdocs at Icahn Mount Sinai in NYC Walk Off the Job on Unfair Labor Practice Strike

New York City – More than 500 Postdoctoral Researchers at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine who are members of the Sinai Postdoc Organizing Committee-UAW (SPOC-UAW) walked off the job and onto the picket line for an Unfair Labor Practice strike on Wednesday, December 6. After more than one full year at the bargaining table

“These Hands”: New UAW Video Highlights Non-Union Autoworkers Fighting for Economic Justice

In a new video, five non-union autoworkers speak to the historic moment in America’s auto industry. Featuring workers at Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Rivian, “These Hands” captures the inspiration behind the non-union autoworkers’ movement to join the UAW by the tens of thousands. “When the Big Three auto companies refused to share their record

VIDEO: When the Boss May Be Breaking the Law: Know Your Rights!

Thousands of non-union workers are organizing to join the UAW! It is illegal​ for employers to Surveil, Promise, Interfere, or Threaten workers against forming their union. Ben Dictor, legal counsel for the UAW, explains how to tell when your boss may be breaking the law, and what you can do to stop it.

DCC Unions Ratify Agreement with MGM Grand Detroit, Ending 47-Day Strike

DETROIT – Union members with the Detroit Casino Council have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract with MGM Grand Detroit after 47 days on strike. The unions will suspend the strike effective immediately. The five-year agreement covering 1700 employees includes the largest wage increases ever for MGM Grand Detroit workers (including an immediate 18% pay

UAW Statement on Israel and Palestine

On Friday, December 1, the UAW International Executive Board announced the union was joining a growing number of labor organizations in calling for a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. The Executive Board voted to sign on to a petition drafted by The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America union (UE) and UFCW Local

Thousands of Autoworkers Launch Campaigns to Join the UAW at More than a Dozen Automakers

In an unprecedented move, autoworkers at more than a dozen non-union automakers have announced simultaneous campaigns across the country to join the UAW. Thousands of non-union autoworkers are signing cards at the new UAW webpage,, and are publicly organizing to join the UAW. The organizing drive will cover nearly 150,000 autoworkers across at least thirteen automakers. One of

After 11 Weeks on Strike, UAW Members at Blue Cross Blue Shield Reach Tentative Agreement

After eleven weeks on strike, the UAW has announced a tentative agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network. The agreement contains historic wins, including the reduction of the wage progression from twenty-two years to five, significant general wage increases, a $6,500 ratification bonus for Blue Cross Blue Shield workers, a

Spring 2023 Solidarity Magazine is online!

The Spring issue of Solidarity Magazine is now online! You can download it here, and share it with fellow UAW members. We are excited to bring you the latest edition of this historic publication. Solidarity Magazine has long been a wonderful tool to inform UAW members of all the happenings going on, not only in

Oct/Nov/Dec 2022 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

  In this issue: Meet Your International Executive Board Elected in 2022 RJ Thomas comes home What does the Education Standing Committee do? Global Solidarity And more!  

July/Aug/Sept 2022 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

In this issue: Changes to UAW Constitution and Policies passed by Delegates to the UAW 38th Constitutional Convention Election Overview Candidate Literature And more!  

2023 UAW Union-Built Vehicle Guide

Looking for the 2023 UAW Union-Built Vehicle Guide list in PDF? Download here >>> UAW CARS Cadillac CT4 Cadillac CT4-V Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Cadillac CT5 Cadillac CT5-V Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Chevrolet Bolt (Electric) Chevrolet Bolt EUV (Electric) Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Malibu Ford Mustang Coupe Ford Mustang Convertible Ford Mustang Shelby UAW TRUCKS Chevrolet

April/May/June 2022 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

In this issue: 2022 National CAP Conference Fighting Inflation A Look Back And more!  

Jan/Feb/Mar 2022 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

In this issue: CAP: Creating a Path Forward​ Lana Scott – “The Voice”​ Women’s History Month And more!  

Fighting for App-Based Worker Rights

The fight to ensure that app-based workers (“gig workers”) at internet-based companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, etc. are considered employees, and not independent workers, is vitally important to the changing needs of today’s workforce, and one that UAW Region 9A has been proud to take part of in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. With

Workers at Cultural Institutions – Breaking New Ground

 UAW Local 2110 based in New York City is breaking new ground organizing workers at cultural institutions across the Region. Like all workers, we are fighting for fair wages, benefits, work and life balance and respect at work. To date, workers at these Institutions have voted overwhelmingly to join our union.  The New Museum of

Manufacturing Round Table

In 2018, Director Brakeman established a Manufacturing Round Table allowing the opportunity for local presidents and their appointees to share ideal for taking on manufacturing challenges throughout the region. Recent US supply chain disruptions have taught us of the critical need to expand our manufacturing base by reducing our dependence on foreign suppliers. The shared

‘The Wall That Heals’

On July 20, 2021 “The Wall That Heals” was escorted to Veterans Park in Tonawanda, New York. An estimated 250 to 300 motorcyclists from very diverse backgrounds participated in the escort. It was an emotional day for many who participated as the escort slowly made its way from Niagara Community College in Sanborn, New York