Goddard Staff Marks One Week on Strike, Calls on College President Dan Hocoy to Negotiate


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PLAINFIELD, Vermont – The staff of Goddard College have now been on strike for one week, as Goddard College President Dan Hocoy refuses to meet with them to provide a living wage. Instead, the College is planning to cut off workers’ health insurance effective at midnight tonight.

The striking staff is calling for a $20 minimum wage for workers who run the College’s housekeeping, facilities, financial aid, admissions, and other operations. Goddard College’s commitment to a fair wage is vital to the local economy of Plainfield, Vermont.

Trevor Utton, an IT department staffer on strike, said “We want to see Goddard succeed. But if we can’t take care of our day to day needs, it makes it very hard for us to do that. We’ve been out on the picket line in snow, sleet, single-digit weather. I just want to see a wage that allows Goddard staff to live in this economy.”

“President Hocoy is not just attacking Goddard College staff and faculty,” said UAW Local 2322 President Patrick Burke, “He’s attacking the whole community, and the ability of towns like Plainfield and Montpelier to thrive.”

“Across the country, higher education workers are standing up for fair wages and a voice on the job,” said UAW Region 9A Director Brandon Mancilla. “Now it’s up to Goddard College President Hocoy to do the right thing.”

The Goddard College strike is the latest in a wave of higher education worker organizing, following the largest higher education strike in US history at the University of California, where UAW Locals 2865 and 5810 won significant gains after 40 days on the picket line.

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