Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock

Secretary – Treasurer Margaret Mock

Margaret Mock is an experienced financial officer and a fierce protector of the interests of UAW members. The membership elected her to the office of UAW Secretary-Treasurer in the historic first direct election for the International Executive Board in 2022. Her assignments include Accounting, Purchasing, Auditing, Strike Assistance, Benefits/Pensions, Investments, Union Building Corp, Facilities, Auto/Labor Leader Insurance and Internal Audit, Women’s and Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Departments. 

Mock hired in at then-Chrysler Detroit Axle Plant (Local 961) in 1994. She served on multiple committees, was elected Treasurer then Financial Secretary, a member of the Bargaining Committee, and was elected Committeeperson three times, with the third term serving as Shop Chair, a member of the Bargaining Committee and elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention (Marysville Axle Plant). As a Health & Safety Representative, she fought hard for the membership, filing OSHA charges that placed the company into the Severe Violators Enforcement Program. 

She most recently worked on the shop floor at Local 140 (Stellantis Warren Truck Plant) as a team leader and was elected to serve as Alternate Delegate to the Constitutional Convention.  

Mock was born for a life of service, as demonstrated by her entire UAW career. Her need to make a difference and represent the constituency has always been at the forefront of her drive to serve. She has always fought for transparency, integrity, democracy, and accountability and will continue to do so as Secretary-Treasurer.