IG Metall, the UAW and Volkswagen’s Group and World Group Works Council welcome the construction of a new plant in South Carolina, where electrified vehicles will be manufactured under the traditional US brand Scout Motors. This investment will create thousands of new manufacturing jobs and will further drive the transformation towards electromobility.

We also welcome the fact that the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board have clearly stated that Volkswagen and Scout will respect employees and trade union rights at the new site. This means that future employees will have the right to decide on union representation without intimidation or influence.

IG Metall, the UAW and the Volkswagen Group and World Group Works Council will monitor the process in a constructive way.

UAW President Ray Curry discusses PRO Act with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY)

The UAW applauds Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Chairman Bernie Sanders, Leader Jeffries, Ranking Member Bobby Scott, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, and all original co-sponsors in the re-introduction of the Richard L. Trumka Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act today.

We wholeheartedly agree with President Biden’s statement on the PRO Act during his recent state of the union address: “I’m so sick and tired of companies breaking the law by preventing workers from organizing. Pass the PRO Act because workers have a right to form a union. And let’s guarantee all workers a living wage.” This vital bipartisan legislation would strengthen workers’ right to collectively bargain for higher wages, better benefits, a safer workplace and a more secure retirement. The UAW calls on Congress to pass the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act so that President Biden can sign it into law.

Popularity for unions is higher than it’s been in recent memory. According to a recent Gallup poll, 71 percent of Americans say they approve of labor unions. In 2022, more than 60 million workers wanted to join a union but could not. Despite growing support for unions and an uptick in union election petitions across the country, union density has declined over last several decades as anti-worker corporations have gone to great lengths to suppress workers’ rights to form a union. According to the Economic Policy Institute, employers spend nearly $340 million dollars a year to hire union busting firms to help them stop workers from organizing,

For too long, employers have been able to violate the law with little consequence, routinely denying working people their basic right to join with co-workers and have a voice in the workplace. Time and time again, workers have fought for a union only to be met with coercion, retaliation, and intimidation by employers seeking to prevent workers from exercising their fundamental rights such as illegally firing workers, holding captive audience meetings, and threatening to close plants. The PRO Act would address these and other impediments. UAW urges Congress to pass the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act and send it to President Biden’s desk for signature.

Detroit – Our union was successful in negotiating an enhanced profit-sharing formula with Stellantis in 2019.  The new formula more accurately reflects the contributions of UAW members to the success of Stellantis. Today’s announcement that eligible UAW-Stellantis members will receive a record average profit-sharing amount of $14,760 confirms that the skill, dedication, and hard work of UAW members are a critical part of the success of Mopar, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, Wagoneer and Dodge.

The financial strength of Stellantis primarily relies on the company’s UAW workforce as evidenced by its financial report. Our members are the backbone of this company. We will continue to call on Stellantis to show our members the respect that is due to them by demanding that they provide a safe working environment to all employees and job security by investing in America.

While we recognize that this profit sharing amount is rightly deserved, we also know that there is much work to be done.  Our members at Belvidere (Local 1268) contributed to this profit sharing, yet the company has idled their plant.  That decision will not stand, and we will fight to reverse it with UAW members, the Belvidere community, the state of Illinois, taxpayers, consumers and all who stand against corporate greed.

Today, Ford Motor Company announced that they would be building a new LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery plant in Marshall, Michigan, which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

“Ford got it right by building this plant right here in Michigan,” says UAW President Ray Curry.  “We supported the public investment into this facility as we know it will create good paying union jobs that will benefit the community and maintain strong wage and benefit standards in the auto industry.”

“This facility furthers Ford’s commitment to our members who make EV vehicles. Our members in Local 600 who produce the F-150 Lightning at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, will install the LFP batteries in the Lightning starting next year,” says UAW Vice President and Director of the National Ford Department Chuck Browning.  He adds:  “Because of the foresight of collective bargaining, the UAW will be able to organize this new facility using a card check to prove majority interest.”

“This facility will create jobs for 2,500 workers starting in 2026,” adds UAW Region 1D Director Steve Dawes.  “We look forward to working with the new workforce to organize the plant.”

President Biden promised to be the most pro-union President in our country’s history. Two years into his first term, he has made good on his promise time and time again.

Under his leadership, Congress passed landmark laws like the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS and Science Act, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Altogether they will create good paying jobs throughout the country, rebuild aged and crumbling infrastructure, and put our country in a position to win the jobs of the future.

Investments made by the President in American workers and manufacturers will strengthen our economy while improving our national security. Our country’s stronger when we are less dependent on foreign nations for vital products and materials.

President Biden also fought for passage of the PACT Act which significantly expanded benefits and services for veterans exposed to toxins. He put the interests of working people over Big Pharma by reigning in skyrocketing prescription drug prices and made our tax code fairer by cracking down on wealthy tax cheats and having the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. President Biden nominated, and the Senate confirmed, dozens of judges from diverse backgrounds who understand the struggles of working people. Under his leadership, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first African American woman to serve on the Supreme Court. His groundbreaking student debt relief plan, if allowed to go forward by the courts, would significantly improve the quality of life and overall financial well-being for sixteen million Americans, including tens of thousands of UAW members and their families.

Remarkably, despite the worst pandemic in a hundred years, record high inflation throughout the globe, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and many other historic challenges, President Biden has managed to create millions of new jobs. Unemployment is now at the lowest rate since 1969 and gas prices are down sharply.

Yet as the President acknowledged, more work needs to be done. Congress should heed his call by passing the bipartisan Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. The PRO Act removes barriers that make it very difficult for workers to form a union and collectively bargain for better wages, improve working conditions, greater retirement security, and other benefits. Congress must also work with the President to ensure that future jobs and investments in electric vehicles, batteries and semiconductors are good middle-class union jobs. Finally, we urge the Senate to expeditiously confirm more judges who support workers’ rights, defend civil rights, and protect access to health care.

We firmly agree with President Biden that the debt ceiling needs to be increased without conditions like it was three times under President Trump. We urge the House Majority to not play Russian roulette with our future and economy. Congress must not make it harder for working people to afford lifesaving medicine and retire with dignity. The most vulnerable in our society should not be made to suffer because of misplaced priorities.

UAW stands ready to work with the Administration and Congress to build on the record of the last two years to ensure a brighter future for all.

Detroit – UAW Ford members play a key role in the success of the company through their expertise, extraordinary efforts, and commitment to the jobs they perform each and every day.

Official notification from Ford to the UAW will take place several weeks from now. However, based on the announcement today and in accordance with our collective bargaining agreement, our members are expected to receive an average of $9,176 in profit sharing. Actual pay-outs will be based on compensated hours over the course of the plan year.

UAW President Ray Curry and I extend well deserved congratulations and share deep appreciation for our hard-working UAW members at Ford.

Today UAW members who work for General Motors received the news that they may receive up to $12,750 in profit sharing. UAW members have earned their share of the company’s prosperity, and this negotiated benefit reflects that contribution.

Our members are essential to the success of General Motors.  UAW members bring skill, experience, and dedication to the job every day and are well deserving of today’s news.

While we celebrate today, we know that there are challenges ahead.  We will continue to fight for fairness and equity for all UAW-GM members.

Our union shares the outrage over the violent and senseless murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police in Memphis, Tennessee. We mourn with Tyre’s mother, son, his loved ones as well as the entire Memphis community which includes many active and retired UAW members. As a union strongly rooted in the fight for social justice, this is a harsh reminder of why we will continue to fight for justice and equality for all. The quote by Dr. Martin Luther King still holds true that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

President Ray Curry
Region 8 Director Tim Smith

Our union applauds GM’s announcement of $20.5 million investments into the Memphis CCA, Ypsilanti Processing Center and Davison Road Processing Center, a decision that makes clear that our members are part of the future growth of General Motors.

These investments will make the jobs of our members at Locals 2406 (Memphis, Tennessee), 174 (Ypsilanti, Michigan) and 651 (Burton, Michigan) safer and more secure.  This is happening because UAW members have a proven record of skill, experience and quality that has contributed to the success of GM. 

This announcement comes on the heels of other recent investment announcements from GM.  We will continue to advocate for more investments into all of our facilities as all UAW members at GM are a part of the company’s success and deserve no less.

UAW members at Locals 180 and 807 who work for CNHI have ratified a new contract, ending a strike that began on May 2, 2022. The agreement, which was voted on as an improved last, best, and final offer, provides wage increases, shift premium increases, classification upgrades as well as other improvements.

“UAW members at Locals 180 and 807 did the hard work to strengthen the hand of negotiators,” says UAW President Ray Curry.  “This agreement reflects the effort of a determined bargaining team and members being on an almost nine-month strike.”

Vice President Chuck Browning, Director of the Agricultural Implement Department adds:  “Our negotiators tenaciously bargained to the very end, even fighting for contract improvements in the face of threats from CNHI to hire permanent strike replacements. Combined with the incredible support from our members, it’s remarkable what had to be endured to achieve this contract.”

“We sincerely thank the membership and their families of locals 180 and 807, surrounding communities and all local unions who dedicated support during this struggle,” states UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell.  “That continued support helped the bargaining team persist, even in the face of the employer’s threats.”