This week, top officers of the UAW participated in the union’s first-ever Unionwide Town Hall, themed “Back in the Fight: Our Generation’s Defining Moment at the Big Three.”

The National Town Hall is a new addition to the UAW constitution, passed by delegates at the 2022 Constitutional Convention, “to ensure an open flow of information and better communication with the UAW’s active and retired membership.”

President Shawn Fain laid out the union’s position towards the Detroit automakers. “These companies have been extraordinarily profitable, and our members have created incredible value for these companies during some really hard, and dangerous years,” Fain said. “They can afford our demands, and we expect them to pony up.”

Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock noted, “These companies can afford all of our demands. Since the Great Recession, as a result of our members’ hard work, the Big Three have been amassing an ocean of money.”

Vice President Rich Boyer spoke about the need to end the tier system in the upcoming contracts. “Tiers weaken us and undermine our solidarity by dividing us in our workplaces. Tiers must come to an end.”

Discussing the need to win back the reinstatement of COLA, Vice President Chuck Browning stated, “Inflation has gone up three times as much as our wages in the past three and a half years. That’s unacceptable, and unsustainable.”

Vice President Mike Booth spoke on the union prioritizing job security during the transition to electric vehicles. “It must be a just transition. That means workers aren’t left behind. The transition must do right by our members, our families, and our communities.”

View the full recording of the Town Hall, here.

Download the slides shown at the Town Hall, here.

On June 1, 2009, General Motors filed for bankruptcy. To commemorate the 14th anniversary of that event, UAW Vice President Mike Booth issued the following statement:

“Fourteen years ago this week, General Motors filed for bankruptcy. It was a scary moment for the auto industry, for our country, and for auto workers everywhere. The federal government, the American taxpayer, and – more than anyone – the auto workers rallied to save the iconic company.

Auto workers had their wages slashed, lost their retirement security, gave up their job security, had their cost-of-living adjustments suspended. We gave up so much to save this company. And it wasn’t just UAW members who took the hit — it was our families, our communities, and the whole middle class of this great nation.

In the 14 years since that moment, GM has fully bounced back. Last year, GM ranked number 25 on the Fortune 500. In the past decade, the company has made over $100 billion dollars in profit in North America.

You know who hasn’t bounced back? The US autoworker. We still live with the two-tier wage and benefits system. We still don’t have cost-of-living adjustments in a time of historic inflation. We still suffer from plant closures and an uncertain future, even when business is booming.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time to make whole the auto workers who sacrificed to save this industry. That’s why we’re fighting for a fair contract at GM, Ford, and Stellantis in 2023.”

Today UAW members who work for General Motors received the news that they may receive up to $12,750 in profit sharing. UAW members have earned their share of the company’s prosperity, and this negotiated benefit reflects that contribution.

Our members are essential to the success of General Motors.  UAW members bring skill, experience, and dedication to the job every day and are well deserving of today’s news.

While we celebrate today, we know that there are challenges ahead.  We will continue to fight for fairness and equity for all UAW-GM members.

Our union applauds GM’s announcement of $20.5 million investments into the Memphis CCA, Ypsilanti Processing Center and Davison Road Processing Center, a decision that makes clear that our members are part of the future growth of General Motors.

These investments will make the jobs of our members at Locals 2406 (Memphis, Tennessee), 174 (Ypsilanti, Michigan) and 651 (Burton, Michigan) safer and more secure.  This is happening because UAW members have a proven record of skill, experience and quality that has contributed to the success of GM. 

This announcement comes on the heels of other recent investment announcements from GM.  We will continue to advocate for more investments into all of our facilities as all UAW members at GM are a part of the company’s success and deserve no less.

Today, General Motors announced $918 million in investments at four UAW facilities to support truck production and future electric vehicle (EV) production.  

Our union celebrates the announcement of these new investments into our GM facilities which will benefit our members at Locals 659 (Flint, Michigan), 362 (Bay City, MI), 211 (Defiance, OH) and 1097 (Rochester, NY).  The skill and dedication of UAW members are a key part of GM’s success, and this investment recognizes that our members will remain a vital part of GM’s future.