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The first-ever directly-elected International Executive Board was introduced as they took their places on the stage for Convention proceedings.

Newly-elected President Shawn Fain gave a rousing speech to the hundreds of delegates in attendance, where he outlined a vision for the union moving forward. “We’re here to come together to ready ourselves for the war against our one and only true enemy: multibillion dollar corporations and employers that refuse to give our members their fair share.”

Guest speakers for the day included Michigan Senator Gary Peters, Senator Debbie Stabenow (by video), and Unifor President Lana Payne. Payne spoke about a shared vision with President Fain and the UAW, stating that the two unions will “do great things together” and that she looked forward to “taking on global corporations.”

One of the core issues of debate on Monday was the subject of cost of living adjustments (COLA), with delegates discussing how to approach bargaining strategy for COLA. A number of delegates spoke in favor of including more comprehensive language in the proposed resolution. Other delegates felt that if the language was too specific, it could hamper UAW negotiators at the bargaining table.

As President Fain noted to the delegates, reflecting on the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King: “As Dr. King took stock of the civil rights movement, he noted: ‘Every revolutionary movement has its peaks of united activity and its valleys of debate.’ So brothers and sisters, let us debate the future of our union. Let that debate be spirited and forceful. And let us emerge from this valley of debate to our highest peak yet. And then let us move forward together.”

Day two of the Special Bargaining Convention will convene at 9 a.m.

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Follow along with the 2023 Special Bargaining Convention:

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At noon today, UAW President Shawn Fain was sworn into office, completing our union’s first-ever direct election of top leadership. The new International Executive Board convened immediately after the swearing-in ceremony, and is ready to get to work for the UAW membership.

A little over ten years ago, “Right to Work” was signed into law in Michigan, even as thousands of union members protested at the Capitol.

This week, however, is the beginning of a new era for Michigan. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed the bills to repeal “Right to Work.”

After a decade of “Right to Work” laws in Michigan that suppressed income and eroded job quality, the passage of House Bills 4004 and 4005 and Senate Bills 5 and 34 get Michigan one step closer to restoring workers’ rights. For too long we have seen anti-union legislation being introduced and passed in our State Legislature. That time has finally come to an end.

This is a very proud week for labor, the UAW, and our entire membership

I want to express my deep gratitude to all UAW leaders and active and retired members for your many years of support and solidarity. It has been the honor of my life to serve our great union.

Tomorrow, Shawn Fain will be sworn in as UAW president, and he will chair our 2023 Special Bargaining Convention. I am committed to ensuring that this transition is smooth and without disruptions. I wish him, the entire UAW International Executive Board, staff and clerical support as well as UAW’s membership great success for the future.

Two elected UAW International Executive Board members were sworn in today:  Vice President Chuck Browning and Region 9 Director Daniel Vicente.

The vote counting for President continues.

UAW to provide 360,000 identification kits to protect the children of Delaware and area states

Dover, DE and Detroit, MI – Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long announces that UAW will provide 360,000 identification kits in partnership with the National Child Identification Program, to protect Delaware’s children.

Delaware families will receive an inkless, at-home child ID kit in the spring. The child identification kit allows parents to store the necessary information law enforcement needs to find a missing child. All kits are stored at home by the parent or guardian and do not enter a database. Each kit includes an inkless fingerprint identification card, inkless fingerprint activation solution, DNA storage of a child’s saliva, place for a recent photo, location of medical/dental records, and a physical description section to note any distinguishing features.

This kit is intended to ensure parents have over 90% of the information authorities need should a child ever go missing.  Across America, 1,000 children go missing on average every day. In 2021, 53 children were reported missing in Delaware, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

85,000 kits will be distributed through Delaware school districts starting in May and will be provided to students in grades K-12. Parents will be notified about the distribution of the kits. Lt. Governor Hall-Long will be working with other states in the region and suppling them with the remaining kits to help protect their children.

“Our union has a long-standing commitment to workplace safety and security,” adds UAW President Ray Curry. “These Child ID kits are a simple way to extend peace of mind to our communities, and we are proud to make this donation.”  UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith also notes: “We have a deep connection with Delaware and many of our active and retired members still live in the state. This is another example of our union’s commitment to community service.”

“UAW is a dedicated supporter of the National Child Identification Program. I am thrilled to work with UAW and the great leadership of Lieutenant Governor Hall-Long to be able to provide this great gift of safety to the families of Delaware,” said National Child ID Program Executive Director Kenny Hansmire.

“I am thrilled to work with the UAW and the National Child ID Program to provide this gift of safety to Delaware families. This free, easy, and effective tool will allow Delaware families to prepare for the unimaginable. When a child goes missing, every minute matters,” said Delaware Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long. “These simple, inkless, at-home identification kits are a small action parents can take to protect against their children. The kits are stored at home by parents and do not enter a database. Thank you to UAW President Ray Curry for facilitating this large donation.”