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Why Organize?

Here are a few stories from workers who have started their own UAW locals and gained better working conditions, better pay, benefits and a voice in their workplace.

Detroit: Union casinos in a union town

"Because we want fairness for everyone, at all the casinos."

— Neal Anderson, Dealer, Greektown Casino, UAW Local 7777

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Academic student employees gain a voice at work

"Because one of the most important things about having a union is having a contract that protects your rights."

— Wei-Min "Brian" Chiu, University of California, UAW Local 2865

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Hospital workers organize for better care

"Because of our patients. We needed a union because the hospital started taking away our vacation and increasing our patient loads."

— Jane Wooton, St. Vincent Hospital, UAW Local 12

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Solidarity Works for JCI Workers

"Because management held all the cards, and they were always changing things — our medical plan, disability plan, work rules. Some people were getting special treatment. I think the UAW can make the road straight for everybody, so the same rules apply to everybody."

— Peter Stopinski, Johnson Controls Inc., Dayton, N.J

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Thomas Built Bus workers stand up to anti-union group

Because it’s another step forward toward getting a voice on the job and forming a strong partnership with our employer.”

— Niels Chapman, Thomas Built Bus, High Point, N.C. UAW Local 5287

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