Two million people are injured each year because of work related Musculoskelatal Disorders (MSDs). Use these links to obtain resources on how to fit the jobs to the workers and avoid injuries.


This site contains an ergonomic equipment search engine, useful case studies, resources and news updates on ergonomics.

OSHA's Ergonomic Resources []

OSHA's website for ergonomic resources.

NIOSH Resources []

Download a copy of "Elements of and Ergonomics Program" and "The Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation". Get the truth about the harm done by Backbelts.

Video Analysis Tool []

This site describes Multimedia Video Task Analysis(MVTA) a useful tool for analyzing workstation video tape to determine the magnitude of ergonomic risk factors.

National Research Council Report on MSDs []

Conclusions of the expert panel mandated by Congress and established by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine. Those conclusions? Yes; MSD's are caused by risk factors at work. Yes; we can do something to help eliminate over 1 million work related injuries a year.

Ergo Tools from Washington State []

Go to this site and click on "Appendix B: Criteria for analyzing and reducing WMSD hazards" for simple checklists and a one page Lifting Evaluation form .