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Where Do Stellantis and the Big Three Make Their Money?


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What can I do to win a strong contract?

Sign up here to join the fight and get updates on bargaining and local contract actions. Our bargaining team is only as strong as the members behind them. The Big Three are looking to see how hard we’re willing to fight. By joining the fight, you make our bargaining team that much stronger.

Are we going to go on strike?

Since 2013, the Big Three have collectively made a quarter of a trillion dollars in North American profits. The companies know what our priorities are and have more than enough money to meet our demands. If they don’t, then they’re the ones who are choosing to strike. Members voted to raise our strike benefits to $500 a week. That’s a boost, but members have been putting money in the bank so we can go one day longer, one day stronger. Start saving now if you haven’t already.

The union has always picked a strike target in the past. Which company will it be this time?

President Fain has been clear: our strike target is the Big Three. We have big demands at all three employers, and they need to know we’re coming for all of them.

We’re fighting to end tiers, restore COLA, and win secure jobs. Are these our only demands?

No. UAW members and retirees have a lot of pressing needs. Our bargaining team has put together strong proposals to win what all our members and retirees have earned. But bargaining teams are only as strong as the members standing behind them. We need a mighty army of members to win big at the table.

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