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Detroit – Workers at ZF International Marysville went on strike for recognition Thursday morning, after the company reneged on a neutrality agreement to recognize a majority sign up for their union.

The location had employed Stellantis LLC workers at the ZF International Plant in Marysville. ZF Marysville workers have clearly indicated they expect to join the UAW as current UAW Stellantis members move to other Stellantis locations.

A majority of the ZF workers have signed up to join the union, but ZF did not accept voluntary recognition.

“It is unconscionable that the company would choose to put workers through delay tactics and efforts to avoid the union when a majority of their employees have agreed to it,” said James Harris, director of UAW Region 1. “ZF must cease these union-busting tactics and honor their workforces wishes by recognizing the employees right to bargain at this site which has been a union shop.”

During the strike for recognition, Stellantis employees who have not transferred yet, will have to honor their work requirements. “Let there be no mistake, that we all, including Stellantis employees, support the ZF Marysville workers right to collectively bargain,” said Harris. “Stellantis workers are working under  a contract that has a no strike clause which is the only reason they continue to work during the strike. But there is solidarity here — no doubt about it. Stellantis workers want the same bargaining rights they have had in the plant for ZF workers.”

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