ZF Employees and ZF Marysville Reach Agreement to Recognize the UAW


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ZF workers in Marysville, Michigan reached an agreement on Friday to be recognized as being represented by a union.  The workers went on strike for over a week for recognition beginning September 9.

A majority of the workers signed up to join the union, but ZF did not accept the voluntary majority of 340 ZF employees who asked to join the UAW.

ZF Marysville has been staffed by UAW Stellantis workers under a UAW contract. During the 2019 negotiations, Stellantis agreed to transfer ZF Marysville workers to other Stellantis locations and have ZF staff the plant with ZF employees. That transition is currently in process.

“These hardworking ZF Marysville workers simply want what other employees at that plant have had,” said James Harris, Region 1 UAW Director. “ZF Marysville workers made it clear that they wanted the same voice at the table to bargain for their wages and benefits. They stood up to form their union and ultimately succeeded.”

Harris said that following the strike for recognition, ZF workers returned to work and the company subsequently agreed to the voluntary recognition process, which resulted in a majority of ZF workers opting to form a union.

“We are grateful to the community and families that supported ZF Marysville workers through this strike,” said UAW Secretary Treasurer Frank Stuglin, Director of the UAW Competitive Shop/Independents, Parts and Suppliers Department. “Ultimately, the ZF workers’ sacrifice will benefit UAW members and families at ZF Marysville and the Marysville community for decades to come.”

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