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There are many ways to communicate in today’s world. One of the fastest growing tools we use to do this at the UAW is video.

You may have seen the videos featured on Facebook highlighting member stories gathered by the UAW’s PRO-Member team. But you should also check our the UAW YouTube channel which houses a wide variety of videos as well.

Our UAW YouTube Channel and the videos on it are a valuable source of information about our great union and feature UAW news stories, mini-documentaries, commercials, companion videos to Solidarity stories, history and legacy videos, stories from the front lines of organizing, highlights from conventions and many more.

We are especially proud of our on-going web series “We Are the UAW” that takes viewers into the lives of our members in the workplace and highlights jobs that many wouldn’t expect are done by UAW members.

In this “We Are the UAW” series we take you behind the scenes of a zoo in Lansing where our members perform many jobs including taking care of the animals as zoo keepers. We also spend the day in jail with sheriff’s officers who maintain order in Toledo.

We traveled to a Connecticut high school to speak with cafeteria workers providing meals for students. He also spent an afternoon with fire fighters in Woodhaven, Michigan, who protect the community.

There are many ways the UAW is working to tell these stories. Please subscribe and share our videos on YouTube.

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