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Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

24 Hour, Toll-Free, Hotline Telephone Number:

1-877-987-3747 (1-877-WVP-FSIS)

  • For Incidents of Imminent Danger
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program Manager
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Related Documents
  • Memorial Site
  • Contacting Team Members
  • Additional Resources

Memorial Site

Food Safety and Inspection Service Compliance Officers who, along with Senior Special Investigator Bill Shaline, California Department of Food and Agriculture, lost their lives in the line of duty on June 21, 2000.

Safety for all FSIS employees is of paramount concern to the Agency. The FSIS Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program provides guidance, training, reporting systems, and management of incidents related to workplace violence prevention and response. Workplace violence is any type of violence, threat, intimidation, assault, harassment, interference, or other disruptive behavior in the workplace. Workplace violence will not be tolerated in FSIS because it is harmful to employees, and it prevents us from fulfilling our mission. No one can predict when this type of behavior will occur, which makes it even more important to be aware of the warning signs.

A threat is any gesture or oral or written expression that conveys intent to cause physical harm to persons or property. Critical threats are the actual use or display of firearms or other weapons with intent to harm, physical hitting, pushing, emotional verbal threats, destroying property, and stalking. Developmental threats are verbal or written remarks, conversations involving talk of guns that are perceived as threatening, nonverbal threats, and menacing gestures.

Contact: Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program Manager

Kesha Rawlings, MA, Psy.D.
Program Manager
Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Program

Employee Safety, Health and Wellness
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Rm. 2140, South Bldg.
Washington, D.C.20750
(202) 690-1999
[email protected]

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