Will you vote to cut your own pay?

Last year, as part of the endorsement process, the UAW asked Donald Trump, and all presidential candidates, to respond to our questionnaire to give them the opportunity to seek our support. We didn’t hear back from Donald Trump.

In fact, he told the Detroit News that UAW jobs should be sent to states that are hostile to unions and have low-wage jobs, all to force UAW members to compete with lower, Mexican wages.

“Donald Trump said in Detroit during the Michigan primary election that he would close Ford plants in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas, and then tell workers if they want their jobs back to come back for less money,” said President Williams. That’s not a presidential candidate that is good for American workers.

After gathering input from members via the regions, the UAW’s International Executive Board then voted unanimously to endorse Hillary Clinton, who supports the needs of workers. It wouldn’t be right to endorse Donald Trump, who says UAW members should make less money.

“It’s time to unite behind a strong candidate. Hillary Clinton has proven she’s a leader. She has been scrutinized, she has been criticized, and she is a tough individual,” said Williams.

As union members, we know the president we elect in November will have influence over the future of UAW members for years to come. That’s why it’s critical now that all union members support the candidate who will best support the needs of America’s working families as we face the upcoming general election.

The candidate who will best support us is Secretary Clinton.