We Will Fight for the Members of our Past, Present and Future


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UAW President Ray Curry Statement on UAW Priorities as We Head into 38th Constitutional Convention

 After two long years of living with the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, our union is emerging strong and energized.  In less than two months, we convene to debate the important matters facing our union.  It is a healthy process that strengthens our democracy, and we all look forward to gathering in Detroit from July 25-28.

There are some principles that the UAW stands for, however, that are not subject to debate.  They are fundamental. They guide us today and tomorrow.

For almost eighty-seven years, UAW members have built our union through solidarity and sacrifice. We have built some of the most comprehensive and forward-looking collective bargaining agreements in the nation, if not the world.  That happened because generations of UAW members contributed contract after contract, strike after strike.

As we enter the 38th Constitutional Convention, we state unequivocally that we are committed to fighting any attempt to erode or degrade UAW wages and benefits.

We will fight for current members who contribute their skill and experience to the success of their employers.  And we will advocate for retirees who built the foundation upon which we all stand today. We will not let our active and retired members be whipsawed against one another.

From postdoc members at universities to our members building the next generation of electric vehicles, our union stands ready to protect the gains already made and to fight for improvements that we have earned.

We will organize new workers who are working for start-ups entering the automotive industry and joint ventures with our existing employers. These new members will be a part of the fight to maintain the standards we have built in our industries.

Have no doubt:  we will fight for the members of our past, present and future.

In Solidarity,

UAW President Ray Curry

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