What’s at Stake in the Presidential Election


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Elections matter. In the presidential election this fall, we’re choosing our next president, and it’s crucial UAW members select a candidate who supports the needs of working families, including UAW members.

A president makes decisions on issues that have lasting impact on our daily lives, including wages, trade policy, job and retirement security, collective bargaining rights, and many other issues that are important to UAW members.

That’s why we need a president with experience on trade issues and an understanding about how trade impacts American families. It’s why we need a decision maker who will focus on raising incomes of workers. And, it’s why we need to endorse a proven leader who will strengthen manufacturing investment, and work to protect our collective bargaining rights and healthcare.

That leader is Secretary Clinton, and that’s why the UAW endorsed her candidacy for president. While both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders are good friends of the UAW, we have to unify behind one candidate. Secretary Clinton has received over 3 million more votes in the Democratic primary and over 1 million more votes than any candidate overall. The choice was clear.

The UAW worked with our regions to engage with our over 1 million active and retired members in discussions about the presidential race.

In addition, all presidential candidates were invited to participate in a questionnaire about their thoughts on policy issues. Donald Trump didn’t respond. Now, we are endorsing a candidate who best support the needs of UAW members and working families.

One party is already uniting behind Trump, who says he will push for lower wages for our members. We need to unify for a president who endorses positive policies for our members.

Our futures and our livelihoods depend on our next president. We now take the next step toward ensuring that our president is a pro-worker leader by unifying behind the strongest candidate in this race, Secretary Clinton.

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