What are the gains for veterans and enlisted members?

Many UAW members have either served or are actively serving in the armed forces. In recognition of the important role they play for all of us, the following improvements are in the new Tentative Agreement.

Veterans Day Holiday: Veterans Day will now be observed on the day it is nationally observed (or on the Monday following Veterans Day if it falls on a weekend) (Red book pages 30-31).

AWS and enlisted members: UAW members who actively serve in the armed forces and work an alternative work schedule will now be paid for their normally scheduled work day, if they are called to duty on a Saturday or Sunday (Red book page 25).

Short-term military duty: This Tentative Agreement includes several important improvements for members who might be called into short-term military duty (Red book page 25):

  • In the event of annual training encampment or a local or national emergency which calls up the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve or National Guard, members affected will be compensated the difference between military earnings and what the member would have earned. The amount of what a member would have earned had he or she not been called to service is based on the straight-time hourly rate that applied on the last day worked (including shift premium but not including overtime or any other premiums) multiplied by the number of hours he or she would have been scheduled to work.
  • This agreement doubles the days for short-term duty payment from 15 working days in the last agreement to 30 working days in this agreement.

Full vacation entitlement for eligible members returning from military service: In the 2011 agreement, vacation eligibility was pro-rated according to the hours worked in the vacation eligibility year. This Tentative Agreement gives returning members full entitlement to vacation upon their return (Red book pages 39-40).


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