VIDEO: Message from UAW VP Mike Booth to Local 2250 in Wentzville, MO


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Hello everybody at Local 2250. We’re here today with the 2023 national negotiators. We would like to thank you for when you were called, you led the charge to stand up and strike General Motors.

This strike is about equal pay for equal work, job security, and most importantly, respect. Long hours, stagnant wages, lack of family time, lack of retirement security, double digit inflation have us all frustrated.

Let’s talk about our storied history of the UAW. On November 9, 1947, at the 7th UAW Constitutional Convention, Walter Reuther spoke about our practical job. In this speech, he states: “We have a practical job in America of giving more than lip service to noble principles; of taking fancy promises and translating them into the practical things of life; into bread and butter, into decent homes, into economic security for the great mass of people.”

He went on to say: “We want economic security in the world but we don’t want to pay the price of human freedom to get that security. We want security with freedom, and that is the thing we are fighting for.”

Those words were spoken 76 years ago. These words ring true today as they did in 1947. Hold the line and stay true to your beliefs.

We are proud to see the community support that’s been shown to the members as they walk the strike line. From food being donated to splitting firewood, or the simple honk of the horn. We see the community supports you. There’s been a conversation with Local 2250’s Shop Chair Jon Daughtery and President Katie Deatherage to express our support. If Local 2250 needs anything, please, give us a shout. We, the entire UAW GM 2023 national negotiating team truly appreciate each and every one of you at Local 2250.

When asked, you chose to chose to stand up, and we stand with you.


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