UAW’s Facebook page is a great resource for both getting information and participating in a conversation about the latest news


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Latest studies show that almost half of UAW membership (active and retired) are on Facebook and those figures are growing. Though there are many social media platforms, Facebook is by far the largest and most popular, especially with UAW active and retired members. 

The UAW Facebook page features breaking news, educational content as well as union history (that often features stories that could be ripped from today’s headlines). It also gives you the tools to keep your elected representatives accountable – reminding them that they work for you and your community.

Much of the content on the page is original and features the voice of UAW members who tell their stories about what being a UAW member means to them. You will see videos about how collective bargaining changed their lives or learn about someone’s aha-moment when it clicked for them what solidarity truly means. Ever have a hard time convincing a neighbor or friend about the power of a union? Check out and share our videos to initiate that conversation around real issues, real stories, real lives.

In addition to member videos, you will see labor history, shout outs to lions and lionesses of the labor movement and stories of how other international unions were formed. We also have a popular series called Union 101 where we break down concepts like strike votes or mandatory subjects of bargaining with real life examples.

The PRO-Member team which is part of the UAW Education Department manages the Facebook page and answer the private messages sent to the UAW as well as emails sent to

In addition to the UAW International Facebook page, there are many other UAW-related pages you should can also follow. Regions and UAW Departments (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Women’s, etc.) are also engaging with members with relevant content for their followers. The UAW International Facebook page is the largest and most active of them all, and by following the page, our content may show up in your feed when you check in on Facebook. 

Quick tips on what you can to today:

  • Follow the UAW International Facebook page. Under the “following” tab you can click “see first” so you always see our content.
  • Like and share items you see on the page. Let friends and family in your social network see why being a part of the labor movement means so much to you.
  • Join the conversation. Share your views and story with other UAW members!

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