UAW Women Should Run!


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Welcome to UAW Women Should Run!

We need to empower more women to run for office. This digital program is designed to help UAW women expand their awareness of possible paths to union or public leadership, get focused on where they want to go, and take real steps to move down the path they choose. This “Incubator” tool is providing step-by-step education and guidance for doing just that!

How the Workshop Works:

Plan a “UAW Women Should Run” meeting (about 30 mins). Have your Women’s Committee members commit to bring at least one woman from the local to the meeting with them.   At the meeting:

How the Incubator works:

(See video at top of the page)


  • You’ll get an email every few weeks previewing each course. Each course will deliver straightforward advice focused on three to four key concepts, a few ways to put it into action and resources to explore.
  • Make sure to check your spam filter for the emails, and have the most up to date web browser. Email [email protected] with any questions.
  • You can complete the courses at your own pace: all at once, one per week, etc.
  • Every course will be open for you to participate in. We recommend starting with the Cultivate Leadership course.
  • The Local’s “UAW Women Should Run” private Facebook Groupwill be a gathering place for you to share your reactions and your plans, and to talk with others who are thinking about the same challenges. It’s also an opportunity to practice the lessons and share ideas in a supportive environment.
  • You’ll get a certificate for completing the program at a local graduation ceremony.
  • Close the meeting with a commitment made to each other to participate in the incubator.
  • Set a time frame for course completion and graduation ceremony date
  • Decide as a group if you should meet periodically to discuss progress/challenges or communicate solely through the FB group and at work.

Notes: Make sure to set up a private FB group to support the Local women participating in this journey.

Advise the women to utilize the “UAW Women Should Run” Local FB group set up for this program in place of the FB group the incubator directs them to.






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