UAW Volvo Truck in Dublin Virginia Reaches Second Tentative Agreement With Additional Gains


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This afternoon, after reconvening for several days, the UAW Volvo Truck Council announced that they have reached a tentative agreement.

“UAW members showed incredible patience, resilience and solidarity and made even more solid gains toward fair pay, benefits and job security protections,” said UAW Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department, Ray Curry.

Curry said the ratification process works. “Our members are the final authority and we worked hard after the previous agreement to achieve these results. We believe the agreement addresses their concerns.”

“Our members helped us identify and achieve a strong contract through their patience and participation in the process,” said Mitchell Smith, director of UAW Region 8.

Details of the tentative agreement as is customary will be withheld until UAW members can be briefed first about their contract prior to taking a ratification vote in the days ahead. “Out of respect for our members, we will refrain from discussing details publicly until the membership at Volvo Truck can be fully briefed. Ultimately it is our members’ contract, and UAW Volvo Truck members will make this final decision as they vote, said Smith.”



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