UAW Volvo Mack Truck Members in Dublin Virginia Vote, Overall & Hourly Agreements Ratify, Salary Contract Voted Down; Strike Will End


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Dublin, Virginia – UAW Local 2069 members ratified the common overall agreement and hourly agreement at Volvo Mack Truck Wednesday and the strike will be suspended. The salaried contract was voted down narrowly. Members will return to work on their Sunday and Monday shifts.

“The democratic process played out at Volvo Trucks. UAW Members stood together through their strike and now the overall agreement and hourly agreement have been ratified despite the company’s actions earlier in the week,” said Ray Curry, President of the UAW and Director of the Heavy Truck Department. Curry said the UAW Constitution provides for an established process that will work to address the concerns raised by members over the salary agreement which narrowly failed.

The six-year agreement includes elimination of the second tier; health care premiums protected for the life of the agreement; provides protections around shift scheduling and plant operations; as well as providing a  major signing bonus and aggressive annual wage improvements every year of the agreement.

“Local 2069 members and their families have received an outpouring of support from the community and supporters throughout the United States and other countries,” said Mitchell Smith, Director of UAW Region 8. “It is not easy to strike and that support sustained our members and their families.”

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