UAW Vollrath Workers in Sheboygan Go on Strike Over Fair Contract, Wages and Elimination of Tiers


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Over 265 members of UAW Local 1472 went on strike Monday and began picketing Vollrath Manufacturing Services in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Vollrath produces deep drawing, metal spinning, metal fabrication, annealing, polishing & finishing and refrigeration systems as a major employer for Sheboygan families.

“We want to get a fair contract for our members, their families, and those who depend on them.  We will keep standing up for all of our people,” said  Rob Kilgore, President/Bargaining Chair of UAW Local 1472.

The initial contract proposal was rejected by 74% of UAW Local 1472 members over economic issues related to wages and the equitable elimination of tiers.

“It is not easy to go on strike for UAW members and their families,” said Ron McInroy, director of UAW Region 4. “We appreciate the community supporting striking workers and their families as they fight for good faith bargaining and good paying union jobs and benefits.”

UAW Local 1472 members began picketing at midnight.

“We welcome the company coming back to the table with meaningful proposals to address our members’ concerns,” said Kilgore. “We welcome good faith proposals and efforts to address our members’ economic issues that are critical to our families.”

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