UAW Vice President Gerald Kariem Director of the UAW Ford Department Statement on the Ford Joint Venture with SKI Announcement


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“UAW members believe that Ford has a moral obligation, regardless of any joint venture arrangement, to ensure that the battery jobs that replace gas engine and transmission jobs are the same good paying union jobs that have fueled this American economy for generations.

UAW members deserve for these jobs of the future to be the good paying union jobs that President Biden has called for repeatedly. And in fact, the President reminded us again this week of that charge to corporate America at his Ford Rouge facility visit. Like the President, we believe that any government incentives to help companies create these jobs of the future should be tied directly to jobs in the United States that give free and fair access to join a union. Technological changes have always been an integral part of the auto industry but those changes, which seek to improve all of our lives, should not diminish the lives of hard working American men and women.

We look forward to working with Ford and their joint venture partner in creating the good paying union jobs of the future that taxpayers are being asked to invest in.”



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