UAW statements on GM profit-sharing


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“General Motors announcement today leaves no doubt about the strong, stable environment the GM/UAW collective bargaining agreement created.

GM has demonstrated that the company can profit, shareholders can have value and our members can be rewarded for their hard work.

A healthy company is one in which all succeed and today General Motors, our UAW members, GM investors and customers all profited from that healthy structure.”

UAW President Dennis Williams

“UAW members at General Motors are proud of what they do and see profit-sharing as another validation of their hard work producing quality vehicles. Profit-sharing does more than put a few dollars into a member’s pocket. It means more to spend in the community and each little bit makes a big difference for everyone.

This profit-sharing shows that General Motors recognizes that the UAW members are a key factor to a strong company and strong performance.”

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, who directs the union’s General Motors Department

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