UAW Statement on Tentative Agreement Reached at Stellantis Kokomo Casting


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UAW Local 1166 reached a tentative agreement with the Stellantis Kokomo Casting plant Sunday night.

“The bargaining committee stood strong with the support of the striking UAW Local 1166 members to win an agreement that will correct the poor working conditions,” says UAW President Ray Curry. “This tentative agreement is a testament to UAW solidarity. Their working conditions will greatly improve, and they have given us all inspiration to fight for justice and respect in our workplaces.”

“The environment in the plant has deteriorated over the years due the company’s decision to save money by not properly maintaining or providing the proper HVAC in the plant,” adds Vice President and Director of the Stellantis Department Cindy Estrada. “The bargaining committee also fought hard to win dozens of demands that the members had submitted. This agreement will address these and many other issues that will benefit the Local 1166 members.”

“The auto companies must know that our members will not be sacrificed with cost cutting efforts as they transition the auto industry,” says Region 2B Director Wayne Blanchard. “The UAW membership has delivered quality products with their hard work and dedication while Stellantis has reaped record profits. Local 1166 members have shown that the membership of the UAW will push back when the company shows little regard for how their employees are treated.”

UAW Local 1166 members will be holding ratification meetings on Monday, September 12.

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