UAW statement on the House Ryan Budget


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DETROIT – The UAW released this statement today regarding the vote in the House on the Ryan Budget:

“Today House Republicans passed another misguided, draconian budget on a party-line vote. Their plan is even more extreme than the fiscal blueprint on which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ran in the fall. The federal budget is a moral document as well as a fiscal blueprint, and the latest budget by House Republicans fails spectacularly on both fronts.

“It is a massive job killer, one that the Economic Policy Institute estimates would kill 2 million jobs in 2014 alone.  It turns Medicare into a voucher program and would lead to enormous cuts in education, legal services, and other critical programs. At the same time it gives even more tax breaks to the top 1 percent, and would force middle-class Americans to make more sacrifices in order to pay for it. It dismantles funding for job-creation programs and does nothing to promote high-paying positions here in the United States. The Ryan Budget refuses to address our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and instead uses political stunts, such as calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, over meaningful investments to get the economy back on track.

“House Republicans are again showing who they truly work for, demanding even larger tax breaks to wealthy individuals and their corporate backers instead of fighting for the nation’s working people.  They refuse to demand the wealthiest pay their fair share and  argue that corporations should receive even more incentives to send jobs overseas.  According to the Tax Policy Center, the top 0.1 percent of households, those making $3.3 million or more, would get a massive tax cut of $1.2 million on average – a 20 percent increase in their after-tax income under this budget.

“Sadly, House Republicans learned nothing from the election a little over four months ago. When the American people casted their vote to reelect President Obama, they soundly rejected the failed one-sided, trickle-down economic policies promoted by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. American voters showed they do not agree that the best way to get the country back on track is by killing good paying jobs here at home, giving out more to those who need it the least, and lessening opportunities for millions of Americans who are working to join or remain in the middle class. It is long past time right-wing Republicans work with President Obama and congressional Democrats to create good paying middle-class jobs and strengthen our continuing economic recovery.”

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