UAW statement on Snyder’s decision to appoint EFM for Detroit


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DETROIT – The UAW issued the following statement in response to Gov. Rick Snyder’s announcement on March 1 to appoint an emergency financial manager for Michigan’s largest city:

“The governor’s announcement last week of his planned appointment of an emergency financial manager for Detroit was disheartening to say the least. Frankly, it is further evidence of his intent to erode democracy for the citizens of Michigan in general, and the city of Detroit in particular.

“We are all deeply concerned about the financial problems facing our great city. Real leadership in a democracy is bringing parties together and crafting creative solutions as government, business and labor did in the auto industry crisis. This is difficult, tedious work. It is certainly easier to just dictate, but that is not the right way in a democratic society.

“Governor Snyder claims there isn’t one simple formula to solve the Motor City’s problems. We agree, but dictating from Lansing is not the right formula.

“Whatever happens with fixing Detroit’s finances, our immediate concern and priority must be a more common-sense approach to improve public safety and focus on the city’s basic responsibilities: safe streets, trash pickup, fighting fires and protecting those in need. Without starting with the basics, we cannot turn our great city or state around.”

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