UAW statement on proposed tier 3 standards


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DETROIT – The UAW commends the Obama administration for proposing new fuel and tailpipe emission standards that will help ensure the U.S. auto industry remains the most advanced and competitive in the world.

When combined with the already finalized CAFE standards, the American people can see the commitment of this administration to ensure we continue producing vehicles of the future. Upon full implementation, the proposed rule will reduce the amount of sulfur in our gasoline by two-thirds. This is one of the most cost-effective ways for us to get cleaner and healthier air while strengthening our domestic auto sector and creating thousands of new jobs.

The proposed rule is a win for our economy and a win for public health. It is estimated to create thousands of jobs and will bring the U.S. standard in line with the standards utilized in California and countries around the world in helping to reduce air pollution. The UAW is proud to support the EPA’s proposed rule, and we urge its adoption.

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