UAW Statement on Joe Biden Plan for Mobilizing Talent and Caregiving


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Detroit – “For working families, the ability to focus on work and productivity is often challenged by demands at home. Often at the bargaining table, issues of child care and elder care become key issues both for our members and their employers. Challenges at home can impact absenteeism, productivity and stress in the workplace. In the case of children access to quality child care increases their learning at a crucial age and for the elderly increases the length and quality of their lives.

The Biden policy proposal focuses on filling crucial gaps in long-term services; expanding access to universal preschool for three and four-year-olds; building safe facilities and encouraging skilled childcare staffing; eliminating wait list for services for the elderly; focusing on keeping the elderly at home and in their communities; and increasing elder care staffing and training.

There is a cost at the workplace for some of the gaps in coverage and services that children and elderly experience. This is a common-sense plan that focuses on improving access to services and availability of services that in the long run helps economically at our worksites. It’s a long-overdue overhaul of crucial gaps in the American safety net.”

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